Alex Rogers believes that if the Reds do sign Andrew Robertson from Hull City this summer, then it should not be viewed as a disappointment.

With all the exciting transfers and deals supposedly in the making for Liverpool so far – Mo Salah has already signed while Keïta and Virgil van Dijk are still strongly linked – it’s easy to forget about another strongly linked player who, at this point, seems almost certain to join.

Hull City’s Andrew Robertson.

From what I’ve seen, there’s really not been a lot of excitement over this potential transfer deal. Maybe it’s because Robertson isn’t such a big name like van Dijk and Keïta, or maybe it’s also because he is perceived as not being as talented.

However, what a lot of people seem to forget – especially with Moreno practically out the door – is that we are in dire need of a left back. So who better to sign than a promising, Premier League proven left back like Robertson?

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Robertson started his senior career for Scottish third division side Queens Park before joining Dundee United in the first division. In his first season as a senior player he was named SPFA Young Player of the Year which, if you can’t tell, is a pretty impressive feat.

His fantastic contributions at Dundee United earned him a move to Hull City in 2014.

Despite jumping into a far more competitive league, Robertson established himself well in the Premier League and made an impact at Hull almost instantly.


The fact he was only 20 years old at this time makes it even more impressive that he managed to adjust so well from playing for Queens Park in the Scottish third division two years before.

As someone from Scotland, I was always vaguely aware of Robertson from his time at Dundee United but the first time he made me sit up and take notice was in a friendly against England.

Despite losing 3-1 to England, the only goal for Scotland came through Robertson who contributed to some very impressive attacking build up play with Johnny Russell. Along with his very tidy goal, he was exceptionally defensively sound.

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If his time with Hull has told me anything is that he is very defensively sound. He’s what you would call a modern day full back; able to complement the attack while also not shirking his defensive duties, which is something that Moreno definitely lacks and why I think Robertson would be a good improvement.

His solidity at the back would be a great addition to our somewhat shaky defence, especially at left back, a position that hasn’t been properly filled in seasons.

Even though it’s not confirmed that we’ll get Robertson, this is a deal I’d be so excited to see.

In fact, I’d say it’s on par with the excitement I felt when we were so close to signing van Dijk weeks ago. Just because he’s not going to cost us £30m+ doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a good signing, rather, it would actually represent some very clever business.

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