Fowler: Liverpool will "have to fork out" this summer

Robbie Fowler is confident that Liverpool will make quality signings this summer but warns that they must be prepared to “fork out” the cash.

Barely a week has passed since the opening of the 2017 summer transfer window and already, a large percentage of Liverpool fans are getting impatient and panicky.

The record-breaking signing of Mohamed Salah simply hasn’t been enough for most but for Robbie Fowler, it’s been plenty.

The club legend – nicknamed ‘God’ for the magical moments he provided time and again in Liverpool Red – believes that while Liverpool’s targets currently remain just that, new faces will arrive in due time.

Am I fretting about it? Not at all,” said Fowler.

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“Everyone frets because there are clubs out there like Everton who have signed a load of players. Well done to them. Sometimes it’s good to get your team in early doors and get the new players mixing with the squad straight away.”


“But it’s not the be all and end all that you need to get your players in straight away. It’s important you get the right ones. Just because the window is open it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be busy immediately.

“There’s weeks and weeks left. There’s going to be lots of activity, not just at Liverpool. I’m not worried. I don’t think I’m ever worried when it comes to the transfer window!”

So far, the biggest power play this summer has come from Manchester United.

The Red-Devils have just sanctioned a mega £90m deal for Everton striker Romelu Lukaku, who is expected to be officially unveiled in the coming days – beating Chelsea to their top target in the process. However, Fowler doesn’t believe this was simply a move based around United flexing their financial muscles.

“Chelsea were going to match the fee anyway,” he says.

“United aren’t making a statement of intent about money, instead it’s them saying they want to get back to where they were a couple of years ago. They are signing a player who is a proven goalscorer.

“Obviously, as a Liverpool fan, I hope he doesn’t do that well! I speak to a lot of Everton supporters and they are delighted with the money. As much as he scored goals, they reckoned he was maybe a little bit lazy.

“Lukaku will score goals at United. But Everton fans are probably more worried about where that money is going to go, whether it’s going back into the team or not.”

When asked about whether he believes that the Reds are capable of spending that money of that much magnitude on one player – let alone two – such as Virgil van Dijk or Naby Keïta, Fowler responded: “If you want quality players, you’re going to have to fork out. Nothing surprises me in football anymore.

“We as supporters have opinions on what particular players are worth but the fact is the players are worth whatever the clubs are willing to pay. If you are a club who can afford to do it, then fair enough.”

Fowler was speaking at “the Anfield Sports and Community Centre, which on Saturday saw the LFC Foundation play host to the Cruyff Court 6 vs 6 Championships for under-12s.

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