Could Liverpool’s summer transfer window still throw up a surprise?

Could Liverpool's summer transfer window still throw up a surprise?

Most of Liverpool’s transfer dealings this summer have been heavily broadcast across social media but could there still be a surprise in store? 

Liverpool haven’t exactly been coy about their transfer dealings so far this summer.

The Reds have seen their targets broadcast to literally the entire world via new outlets, social media and word of mouth alike to satisfy football fans’ unquenchable thirst for transfer information.

While it didn’t hinder the signing of Egyptian winger Mohamed Salah, the Reds lack of tact in the market this summer has already infuriated one club, ending their chances of signing a certain Dutch centre back and is now threatening to do the same with another.

Of course, in an age of digital media platforms and increasingly accessible news, it’s very tough to keep transfer talk quiet.

However, there’s a difference between being drip-fed small amounts of information when players are on the brink of signing the dotted line and transfer deals becoming transfer sagas due to a constant barrage of – usually false – information being leaked at every opportunity.

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Despite it being far more difficult to keep transfers under wraps nowadays – especially with every second Twitter account an ‘In The Know’ transfer expert – it is evidently still possible to get business done without broadcasting every step to the world.

Take Romelu Lukaku’s impending Manchester United move for example.

There were, of course, rumblings that the Belgian was a player attracting interest from a number of top clubs. Why wouldn’t there be? He’s coming off a season in which he scored an incredible 25 Premier League goals.

However, until the announcement yesterday that United had submitted a £75m bid, it was assumed as common knowledge that Lukaku was headed back to Chelsea and that Mourinho was wrapping up a deal for Alvaro Morata from Real Madrid.

Instead, United evidently leapt at the opportunity presented by Chelsea’s hesitance and dwarfed their offer as quickly as they could. 48 hours later and he’s a Manchester United player. 

Manchester City’s deal for Bernardo Silva was similar. Within a week of reports revealing the Citizens interest and the required fee, the Portuguese playmaker was already doing his medical.

If only deals were always that simple.

While this window has certainly gone completely the other way so far – Klopp’s main targets are very openly recognised and anyone who isn’t sick of the names Virgil van Dijk, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Naby Keïta by now is lying to themselves – the club have definitely shown they’re capable of keeping things low-key in recent times.

While not of the same magnitude as a signing like Romelu Lukaku, Dominic Solanke’s signing came as a major surprise to most fans, while Gini Wijnaldum’s £25m move last summer flew heavily under the radar until negotiations reached their final stages.

Even Roberto Firmino, signed for £29m back in 2015 from Hoffenheim, jumped completely out of the blue with word only spreading once Ian Ayre was on a plane to Brazil in order to finalise the deal.

Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, none of the Reds’ recent attempts at deals have so been anywhere near as under the radar.

There is however, hope that while the cases of Oxlade-Chamberlain, Robertson, van Dijk and Keïta have been broadcast to death, the Reds do in fact have alternatives that nobody has yet cottoned onto.

It’s been practically confirmed by now that Klopp has only identified a very small pool of players to target, with the idea being to add quality over quantity this summer and improve the squad rather than just add to it.

However, this doesn’t mean that the names headlining every paper and online publication over the last few weeks are the only ones being considered.

Klopp has admitted that while the Reds may not look to have blatantly made much progress this window, the club have “done a lot behind the scenes,” implying that maybe we really don’t know the whole story.

Ian Doyle of the Liverpool ECHO has also today published a piece suggesting that the Reds will in fact have “multiple irons in the proverbial fire,” as the “club wouldn’t be doing their job properly otherwise.”

Interestingly, Doyle hints that the club are trying to pull off a major coup, quoting a “Melwood insider” who revealed that the Reds are working on a transfer that “could blow away supporters.”

Maybe it’s time to accept the fact that even in an age of ITK Twitter accounts, BBC Gossip pages and foreign journalists providing up to date insight far quicker than those situated in Britain, we truly do not know exactly what’s going on at Liverpool Football Club behind closed doors.

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