Michael Baddeley analyses the likelihood of Liverpool signing all of Klopp’s top targets this summer and how the starting XI could look if we did. 

I wasn’t the only one who expected to see 90% of our transfers done by the end of June, was I?

Instead, we are sat here with one week of June left and Dominic Solanke and Mohamed Salah are our only confirmed signings. It’s not exactly what we expected, is it?

Anyway, less of the moaning as we should be a lot more optimistic about this summer. I mean – look at the players we’ve been linked with.

This time last season we were heavily linked with Ben Chilwell, Mahmoud Dahoud and Piotr Zielinski. Now we are being linked with Virgil Van Dijk, Naby Keita and Benjamin Mendy, it’s a massive difference in comparison!

In past transfer windows, fans would have looked at all these links and laughed at them. We’d have known it wasn’t real or wasn’t going to happen. The number of times we’ve gone into a transfer window and missed out on our top targets is a joke and because of that Liverpool fans are always so pessimistic about these things.

But things feel different now. Jürgen Klopp has truly taken us from doubters, to believers both on and off the pitch in the space of 18 months. It’s crazy to see the transformation that has happened. We are definitely on the up and once Klopp gets his players in there will be no stopping the mighty red army.

Which leaves me with two questions, if Klopp is to get his top targets in each position, how will we line up? And just how far can we go with that team?

The best XI

You’d have to think the starting XI would look like this;

I have no doubts about it, the team would really pick itself.

The only position you would potentially struggle to pick is the defensive midfielder. Hendo really excelled there last season and is the club captain so he should theoretically start but we’ve all seen that he is quite injury prone and misses long periods at a time. Emre Can was also excellent there in the backend of last season and if he is to sign a new contract then he is 100% a future key-player for Liverpool.

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You would feel sorry for either player if they were to miss out, but that is Klopp’s problem to sort and I’m sure it’s a headache he won’t mind having.


It has a really strong spine, plenty of pace to it and goals from all over the park. The only possible weak point would be Simon Mignolet but with a strong defence in-front of him then he might turn out to be a quality goalkeeper for us.

Looking at that team on paper you’d have to say it will be a top four team for sure. But with Kloppo at the helm I think we could go further. We’d need to add a few more squad players for depth, but that team and Jürgen Klopp could easily challenge for the title.

Can we sign all three main targets?

Despite the farcical dealing with Southampton over Virgil van Dijk, journalists like Paul Joyce, Melissa Reddy and James Pearce have all stated that they don’t think the deal is dead and that there could be more to come later in the window.

Personally, I always thought the deal was alive – we wouldn’t have pushed so hard for a deal to then say sorry and drop all interest. Maybe in past seasons we would have been pushovers but not anymore. It’ll probably be a long saga, but I wouldn’t be too surprised to see van Dijk force a move through and be rocking the Liverpool red come September.

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Then there’s Naby Keïta. RB Leipzig are puffing their chest out and standing tall on this one. But will a club of their size reject a £50 million offer for someone they signed for £12.5 million last year? I seriously doubt it. If Klopp wants him so much then I firmly believe he will get him.

The only transfer I am doubting is the Benjamin Mendy deal. Monaco are recently champions of France, in the Champions League and are filthy rich. Let’s not forget they have already sold Bernardo Silva, there is doubt around a number of their star players and Man City are also interested.

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We’d be stupid not to have a cheeky bid for the Frenchman and as the old saying goes, if you don’t buy a ticket then you can’t win the raffle. I can’t see us winning the raffle even if we do bid, but we can dream can’t we?

Will we sign all three? I doubt it. It’d be the perfect summer if we did and we can dream, but I seriously doubt we will. Two of the three will probably come and then we will have to settle for a back-up target, probably the left-back.

One thing is guaranteed though, Klopp will get it right and give us our best summer transfer window of the modern era.

Will Liverpool manage to secure all of Klopp’s top targets this summer? Let Michael know what you think in the comments section below!

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