Jack Hallows is not happy with how Liverpool Football Club have been handling their transfer business of late and he believes it’s time to sort it out. 

Let’s be honest here, this Van Dijk apology fiasco is an absolute and utter shambles. Of course, part of that is down to bitterness on behalf of the Southampton board of course but we really should have known better.

It has become a worrying trend in recent years for Liverpool that the club continues to make mistakes regarding the transfers of players. The club was fined £100,000 back in April and hit with a two-year academy level transfer ban after being found guilty of ‘tapping up’ a Stoke youngster in a case that sounds an awful lot similar to the one surrounding Virgil Van Dijk.

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In a way, I get it. Klopp is Liverpool’s biggest pulling power so you do whatever possible to have him influence the transfer. Champions League football, an exciting project and money are all fantastic draws for players but Jürgen Klopp is the real icing on the cake. He’s enthusiastic, driven, committed and could probably talk his way out of any situation possible. What player wouldn’t want to sign for him?

There’s also the whole “clubs approach players all the time!” argument and again, that is true. However, that Liverpool keep making all manner of mistakes is just not acceptable for a club of this level. Messing up transfer dealings, missing out on targets and frustrating the fanbase is something that is becoming all too predictable.

It was also reported earlier this week that a deal for Egyptian winger Mohamed Salah – of Roma – was practically done and dusted. Great! I thought. We’re finally getting somewhere! Salah done now and Van Dijk to be done soon as possible – what a transfer window this could shape up to be!


It’s only typical of Liverpool Football Club then that we are now looking more than certain to miss out on Van Dijk – Klopp’s primary defensive target – while the Reds are already being forced to look elsewhere for a wide attacker as Roma stand firm on their £35m valuation.

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Jürgen Klopp alone cannot get deals done. He can influence players to make a decision on where they want to play football but it’s down to the club as a whole to convince other sides to sell and what does that best? Money.

The FSG OUT brigade have been in full voice the last 12 hours or so and personally, while I’d usually just turn a blind eye to the criticisms, I’m finding it very hard not to side with them right now.

To be willing to let a deal for Salah go over a matter of £7m – and then target a player who is less talented with a higher price tag – makes absolutely no sense. If he’s Klopp’s primary attacking target, then that means he wants him and that means you sign him. No matter the cost.

We have a world class manager at the helm, commanding an exciting squad that is two play off games away from boasting Champions League football. This is the perfect time to go big or go home and it’s time for Liverpool to stop taking the ‘go home’ option. Sort it out Liverpool Football Club. Sort. It. Out.

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