With reports in Brazil claiming that Liverpool have had a £26 million bid accepted for Luan, it’s the perfect time to learn more about the Brazilian and Alex Rogers is on hand to let you in on all you need to know.

When the news broke of our bid being accepted for Luan, I was one of the many people thinking “Who? How old is he? What position does he play? Is he any good?” All these questions and more were on the minds of many a fan.

So hopefully this piece will help you learn a little bit more about the promising Brazilian, but do bear with me, this is me learning about the guy as well.

Luan is a 24-year-old versatile, pacy attacker that can play centrally or on either flank. This versatility may be a big factor in why we’re interested in him. Because of this, it would mean that Luan could be a direct replacement for anyone up front if need be.

Luan’s contract for Gremio only has one year left on it and Luan has already stated that he has no intention to sign a new contract for them, meaning Gremio are forced to sell or risk losing the player on a free transfer.

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An interesting fact about Luan is that he only started playing 11-a-side football when he was 18, up until then he was a futsal man which shows in his tricky style of play.

Take into consideration that many of the best young talents around right now have been around impressing since they were 17 and Luan only started playing on a full-size pitch when he was 18. That’s not to say he isn’t as good, it’s actually very impressive that someone so well sought after has only been playing 11-a-side for six years.

Luan got his first start for Gremio’s first team in 2014 in a disappointing season under Scolari, who eventually left in may 2015. Since then, after being taken over by Roger Machado, who had over 400 appearances for the club, Gremio have reaped the benefits of a fluid passing style of play and have done exceptionally well for themselves, all with Luan making a name for himself in the process.

The left-footed Brazilian proved to be able to play on either flank with ease, but arguably his best position is through the middle of the pitch where he has the freedom to drift wide and beat defences with his pace and quick feet.

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In 2015, Luan bagged himself 17 goals and seven assists, which isn’t a bad total at all. He was also named in the Team of the Season while also being named as the best player in his position in the country. Not bad.

But the highlight of his career so far has to be the Olympics in Brazil. Luan started the competition on the bench, but after a weak start for Brazil, he had his chance to start for Brazil and he definitely didn’t squander his chance.

Brazil was the standout country, putting put six goals past Denmark, Colombia and Honduras, with Luan scoring three in the process. In the final against Germany, Luan scored in the shootout that won Brazil the gold medal.

So we’ve established that this Luan guy actually sounds half decent, but what could he bring to Liverpool?

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Well with his pace, he’d be able to challenge fullbacks effectively, something that we’ve struggled with recently with Mané injured, and also add width to our play and spread the defence to allow our other talented Brazilians to work their magic.

Also, the work rate on this guy is fantastic as he is not afraid to put in a tackle or track back for the team – he seems like a real Klopp style player.

Also being able to operate down the middle, he could be a viable replacement to Sturridge if he is to leave. The tenacious pace that Sturridge used to possess has left him over the years and is something Luan has in abundance. Add Luan’s tricky feet and you’ve got yourself a great replacement.

After researching this Luan guy out thoroughly, I’ve come to the conclusion that this guy has a lot of talent and can fit our play style down to a tee. His work rate and versatility are things we need and adding this guy to our team would not be a bad bit of business at all.

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