When can Liverpool realistically expect to win the Premier League

Damon Savenelli begs the question: when will Liverpool be ready to challenge for the elusive Premier League title?

Chelsea beat West Brom 1-0 on Friday night meaning the Blues have won yet another Premier League title. No surprise there as they have pretty much had the league in a stranglehold since February. So congrats to Conte and his men on a fantastic season and a well-deserved trophy.

Obviously, we have a sour taste in our mouth as Liverpool fans. I am sure that we are not alone as the rest of the top teams probably feel this way as well. It is never fun watching your rivals win the league.

Anyway, watching Chelsea win the league got me thinking, when should we expect the Reds to next win the league?

I know that every time we think of this, rival fans usually hit us with the “Haha, you have not won the league in 27 years blah, blah, blah…” and all of that malarky. But being honest, I think that we should expect a league title within the next three seasons, max.

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Let’s be honest, if Klopp does not win himself the league within the next few years, or at least come close, he will probably start to be considered as a failure.

It might sound harsh to some fans, but managing a club like Liverpool comes with a territory. The club, the fans, and the city all expect winning and successful football team. If Klopp cannot provide that within a few years time, then he will probably be replaced.

I have touched upon this subject in past articles, but I think that once Klopp has a few seasons under his belt, he will be very successful at Liverpool. I think most fans know Klopp’s track record at Dortmund in terms of how long it took him to overhaul his squad and inevitably win the league.

I still stand by my point that Klopp has a project on his hands at Liverpool. I think that within the next season or two we will definitely be contenders. I think next season will still be a season of rebuilding and here is why.

Our squad is just simply not as deep, nor as talented a the other top six squads. If you can honestly look in the mirror and tell yourself otherwise, then you need to re-evaluate our squad. I think that it is pretty impressive that Klopp is set to finish in the top four (hopefully) considering the squad at his disposal.

I think I share this opinion when I say there are some players in the current squad that are just simply not Liverpool quality.

If you look at a squad like Chelsea, it is really no surprise that they have won the league. Just look at their depth. Cesc Fabregas and Michy Batshuayi are just a few of the quality players that can not get into the starting 11. Combine their squad depth with the fact that they have several world-class players and it is no wonder that they have won the league.

So yes, I do believe that Klopp will win a title in the near future with Liverpool. Like I have said in the past, give him another season or two, and he will have a quality side at his hands. A squad like Chelsea’s.  

Keep on supporting and keep on believing Reds, our time will come.

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