Alex Rogers discusses what to expect when Liverpool travel to play Watford at Vicarage Road tonight at 20:00 GMT.

With the season coming to its end once again, these final four matches are of utmost importance for us. They will mean the difference between a good or a bad season, so why not talk about our fourth last hurdle of this campaign, our game against Watford tonight?

So what can you expect to see tonight? Well, anything really. If we’ve learnt anything from this season is that you can’t expect a positive result. Winning games that we could be forgiven for losing and losing games where it’s unforgivable not to win. It truly has been an unpredictable season for us.

But if we were to look at the facts for this game, well, it would be surprising if we weren’t pretty clear favourites. With Watford sitting at a respectable 13th for Watford standards, they have no fear of relegation and not really much to play for except to get into the top half of the table.

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Also, having already smashed them 6-1 earlier on in the season, who says we can’t do it again? Dispute not having the main man that is Sadio Mané, who scored two of our six last November, the likes of Divock Origi has the quality to do a fine job in his absence. Also with talks that Sturridge could be fit to play, we have more than enough firepower to smash them again.


However, overconfidence is never a good thing, especially if you’re a Liverpool fan. The number of times I’ve been confident of beating a team this season only to be severely disappointed could drive a lesser man to the bottle.

Our curse of not being able to do it against lower teams has come back to bite us in the arse this late in the season. Three points against Watford would feel like a Champions League final victory.

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In a recent interview, Watford’s Troy Deeney had nothing but praise for our Adam Lallana, saying that people don’t realise how good a player he is and also that he is the key to giving Coutinho space to work his magic.

Well, Troy Deeney has good taste in players it would seem as every good self-respecting Liverpool fan would agree with his comments there. Maybe Lallana could be the difference tonight as the word is that today will be the day he returns from his injury. Please let that be true.

Either way, as cliché as it is, these last few games need to be treated like cup finals. It’s not acceptable to lose any of them, especially to teams like Watford. No offence to any Watford fans who may be reading (why are you reading a Liverpool based website?) The tension is real, anyone can get top four so let’s make sure it’s us.

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