Alex Rogers explains why Sadio Mané deserves to be nominated in in the PFA Team of the Year after stellar performances with Liverpool this season.

We all love a bit of Sadio Mané.

He’s up there with one of our best signings in a long time and has easily been one of our most influential players this season with 13 goals and 5 assists this season for us.

Yes, Mané’s relatively high price tag has been justified. In fact, I would’ve been happy to pay a lot more after this season.

And that’s why it’s not surprising at all that our dear Sadio has been named in this year’s PFA Team of the Year.

Was there any doubt?

With the fantastic displays all season from our favourite Senegalese player, it would’ve been criminal for him to not have been included.

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Mané is the only Liverpool player to have been named in the team. Actually, he’s only one of three players to have been included in the team that wasn’t from Tottenham and Chelsea, the other two being De Gea and Lukaku.

In a team dominated by Tottenham and Chelsea, Liverpool still manage to make their mark in the team which will put a smile on the faces of all Liverpool fans.


With his first season with us almost over, Sadio has proven to be one of the best buys of the season, making an instant impact for us. The future for Mané’s Liverpool career is bright and it would be very surprising if Sadio isn’t considered for the PFA Team of the Year again in the years to come.

In very little time, he’s become so important for us which just shows how much quality he has.

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Just take when he went to the African Cup of Nations a few months back as evidence. We completely collapsed. Well and truly shat the bed. We were like a different team without him! It was horrifying to see.

When he returned, it was like the second coming of Christ. Surprisingly not long after he returned we managed to return to our face paced, gergenpressing ways.

Even though this year’s PFA Team of the Year had some, well, questionable inclusions *cough* Gary Cahill *cough*, not many can argue that Mané did not deserve his place in the team.

Not many other players could’ve competed for Mané’s place in the team, and that’s saying something considering the quality of some players this season.

Who knows, Mané being included in the PFA Team of the Year could be a regular thing from now on. He certainly has the quality to do so!

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