Alex Rogers has had a look at Daniel Sturridge’s injury curse and how it might just be time the forward left Liverpool to reignite his career.

Us Liverpool fans love a good striker, don’t we? Fowler, Torres and Suarez just to name a few despite there being many more. Another striker that could find himself on this list is Daniel Sturridge. You can’t deny, Daniel Sturridge has so much quality about him, watching him on his day could make a 45-year-old truck driver from Merseyside called “Big Bad Dave” weep uncontrollably.

Yes, dear Daniel has given us many fond memories during the years he’s played for us, be it from an outside the foot goal in a Europa league final or from his iconic wiggly arm dance that has had many a Sunday league player imitating him. Don’t lie, you’ve done the Sturridge dance in front of your mirror like half the country has.

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But the greatest of injustices on this planet is that a player like Sturridge was given a curse that makes 90% of his body glass instead of water. A curse that has led him to be on the sidelines more often than not. A curse that has driven Liverpool fans up the wall and back down again. Unfortunately, this “curse” is Daniel’s undoing.

As much as Daniel Sturridge is good, he gets let down with his injury record and it’s becoming more and more likely that this potentially could be his last season for us which breaks my heart. It’s painful as he could be one of the best if he could just stay fit.


And maybe it is time to say goodbye to him. As much as it’s something that isn’t easy to do, but you can’t have a player that spends longer on the physio table than on the pitch, can you? Think about the money we’ve spent in wages for him while he’s been injured. Most likely in the millions at this point.

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Also, and this has been mentioned in other articles on this site, he doesn’t really fit the system, does he? Couple that with the noticeable lack of pace that he had before and it’s fair to say that his injuries have affected him as a player.

Even when he is fit, he is second choice in Klopp’s plans. Surely it’d be fairer on him to let him leave and get game time when he is fit, given the level of player he is.

At the end of the day, it seems both parties would benefit if he left. I know, it’s blasphemy but even you die hard Sturridge fans have to agree to some extent? It’s painful, but most likely the right choice.

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