A message to those expecting Liverpool to sign Aubameyang

Alex Rogers urges supporters expecting Liverpool to sign players like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to think rationally.

We all like to dream. It’s what makes us human, isn’t it? But when do dreams turn into delusion? Into fantasy? With the end of the season just a few months away, up crop the annual transfer rumours, and I’m using the term “transfer rumour” very loosely here.

Thankfully, most people know a fake transfer rumour when they see one, but a small minority of people seem to take everything at face value. I’m sorry to break it to a lot of you out there, but 90% of the people we get linked with? Fake. I know, very shocking but true.

As much as it is nice seeing rumour upon rumour bring linked with world class players like Aubameyang, James Rodriguez and even people like Neymar at times but, at the end of the day, we need to be grounded and realistic with who we are linked with.

Falling into the trap of getting hyped up over a fake transfer rumour only leads to disappointment, be it from getting another player that isn’t quite seen in the same light or just not getting a player at all. When you get disappointed over these types of things it also makes people think that we aren’t living up to expectations. “I thought we were getting such and such and we end up getting HIM!?! This club has gone to the dogs.”

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When you expect to be getting players like Aubameyang every season, you’re going to be very disappointed. Liverpool are in a peculiar position when it comes to rumours, being that we are a big club but also just not quite at that calibre to be attracting the big names that we are falsely linked with year after year.

Now, don’t take this as me saying that these types of transfer can’t happen because they absolutely can. The fact is, I’d rather not be expecting a good transfer to happen and be happy about it if it did than fully expect one to happen and nothing to come of it.

Now, this isn’t me trying to dampen everyone’s hopes and dreams for the coming transfer window, it’s more of an article trying to avoid any further heartbreak for us tortured Liverpool fans.

But let’s say we do sign someone like Aubameyang this summer then yes, I may look the fool. But I’m almost positive we won’t. Anyway, that’s not how our dear Klopp works, is it? He’s all about the hidden gems or players that have the potential to be something great, preferably both. It’s very rare when Klopp spends big money on a player.

So keep this article in mind next time you see a rumour linking us with a quality player and take it with a pinch of healthy scepticism. In fact, sprinkle some scepticism on every rumour you see! Chances are if we are linked with him, so are a good few other clubs. Be safe people, and don’t fall for the transfer rumour hype.

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