Alex Rogers questions whether or not Liverpool are still a big club with the club seemingly failing to compare to rivals.

Liverpool Football Club is one of the biggest clubs in the world. Many years ago, we were unstoppable domestically and in Europe. But since those glory days, we have seen a fall from grace, failing to replicate what we once were.

But doubts over our title of being a ‘big club’ have been around for a while, especially over the last few weeks. And with our recent shambles of a game against Leicester, I’m not surprised rival fans are doubting us as a proper threat.

One major point a rival fan could make is that we just can’t compete in the transfer market like other big teams can. Even though Klopp and FSG believe in the development of young talent, how many massive signings have we missed out on because we didn’t want to spend big?

A fine example, even though I hate using them as an example, is Manchester United. Man Utd aren’t afraid to spend big for a player they feel warrants it. Even Manchester City are also a prime example, buying quality players every year.

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Even though some of the players we got this season cost a fair bit of money, how many more fantastic players did we miss out on? Two? Three? Four? This can be seen as FSG’s fault. If they want their club to do well, they should be willing to spend big.


Because of recent years, it’s hard to see that we can’t seem to attract world class players anymore. Just being Liverpool doesn’t seem to cut it anymore, opting for other clubs that are regulars in Europe or are willing to pay the big wages.

Let’s take Granit Xhaka as an example of this. Over last summer we had legitimate and solid interest in him. And why not? He was a young, promising midfielder, an area we needed improving in. But late on, it seems talks broke down and he opted for Arsenal. And who could blame him? Despite having ups and downs, Arsenal are consistently in Europe.

At the moment, at this current time, Liverpool are playing and behaving like a “bigger than average” club, not a big team. This needs to change very soon if we want to be seen as we once were.

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The mediocrity is not what we should accept from this club. I speak for everyone when I say we want more dominance in the transfer market to acquire the quality we need. Developing youth talent can only get you so far.

If this were to happen, in the next few years we could see some of the former glory we once had, and who doesn’t want that?

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