Ahead of Liverpool’s massive game with Liverpool today, Alex Rogers discusses the unrest in the Liverpool community.

As of late, a noticeable divide among Liverpool fans has emerged. This divide has always been here, but recently, it’s been more prominent than ever. The most likely cause of this is from our abhorrent run of form.

I’ve seen many opinions over the last few weeks ranging from the reasonable and logical, to the downright stupid and illogical. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, it just doesn’t mean that those opinions will always be right.

Let’s just get this out the way first. If you think Klopp should get the sack, then I worry if you actually have enough brain cells in your head to remember how to breathe. In and out buddy, in and out.

The fact that some fans have turned on the beloved Klopp is painful to see. Yes, this run of form is absolutely unacceptable, but to pin the blame 100% on Klopp would be very harsh. The players need to perform as much as the manager does.

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Secondly, onto an opinion that isn’t so black and white. Fenway Sports Group. Are they good for the club? Are they bad? I don’t know. It’s such a complicated issue to get into.

On the one hand, FSG have turned the baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, into giants in their sport. So who’s not to say with a little more time, we could get to that level? While on the other hand, there’s a lot of evidence to say that FSG doesn’t have a lot of aspirations for Liverpool aside from the possible returns in a business sense. However, this talk on FSG is for another article entirely.


The fact of the matter is that the opinions on the matter vary hugely with raging debates all the time. Fans calling for FSG to depart from our club isn’t a new thing, but since this run of form, it’s certainly flamed into a huge topic of conversation.

Fans even have massively varying opinions on certain players at the club. Ranging from which one of our goalkeepers need to start, or should be sold entirely, to how apparently Can is the worst player to have ever kicked a ball.

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Personally, I think the load of stick Can is getting is more than harsh. He’s the latest scapegoat of the club. A run of bad form at the age of 23 does not make him a bad player.

Other extreme opinions have been expressed, such as that we should cash in on Coutinho. That. Is. Stupid. I’m not going to warrant that view with a real response other than it’s dumb. Thankfully, opinions like this are rare but they are still there.

The lack of harmony among fans is the real concern here. The panic has set in among many people, causing unrest throughout the Liverpool community.

When we were in our great run of form earlier on in the season, hardly any voices were raised about wanting this or that. Not everyone is going to have the same opinion, obviously, but the change in attitude among fans has been very apparent, causing a divide between us.

Just wait until we are back to winning ways, then I wonder if you’ll have the same opinions as you do now. Maybe Can will be our champion? Maybe FSG aren’t that bad after all? Or maybe they are the devil? And maybe Klopp actually is a somewhat good manager? Most of the opinions I’ve seen have been out of frustration, so let’s try and keep a clear head. I bet the people calling for Klopp’s head right now would be gutted if he were to actually leave.

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