Liverpool need a plan B to deal with defensive teams

Liverpool have developed a frustrating habit of failing to defeat sides who defend with a low block and pack the midfield and Alex Rogers believes Jürgen Klopp needs to devise a plan to deal with teams like these.

What is realistic at the moment? Well, realistically, our goals should be to get as far in the FA cup as possible and to aim for top four. Anything more at this stage is a bonus.

It’s a shame that this awful run of form has proven to be so costly, losing so many points in the league and costing us a place in a final, which would’ve been our third final in a year.

Our form comes down to many things, including injuries, AFCON, FIFA restrictions and just poor performances from the players in general. The lack of creativity is alarming, considering we were banging in goals for fun just a few weeks ago.

It seems that Liverpool have one very big weakness and that weakness is parked buses. With our reputation for prolific goal scoring, many teams resorted to playing deep with ten men behind the ball at times, and the scary thing is that it’s worked for them more times than not in the last few weeks.

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We just can’t seem to break down a team that’s playing very defensively. Maybe its because we aren’t getting as many chances to counter attack and press players as effectively as we had been. But this is a trend that pretty much everyone has bought in to, and I expect many more clubs to use this tactic against us. And why shouldn’t they?


In the first half of the season, a lot of teams that we played had the mindset that if they wanted to match our high octane attacking to beat us, most of which backfired for them. But seeing how it’s happened many times now, all it seems to be to beat us is to sit back and defend and the chances will come.

A plan B is needed to counteract this. Be it a change in formation or style of play, if we come up against this problem again (and we will) we need to be able to change and adapt to the situation at hand, be it from bombarding crosses into the box or playing a possession game, all that matters is results.

It’s been a difficult start to 2017 and I hope this isn’t an indication of how our year will play out. Every team has a bad run of form every know and again, but the very best teams hardly ever do, and when they do, it’s never for a long period of time before they are back on top form. We’ve had bad form for just about a month now.

Let’s hope next game is the start of a new run of good form, shall we? After the very disappointing and demoralising game on Wednesday night, it’s far too easy to focus on the bad in the club right now. Let’s look on the bright side, shall we? At least we aren’t Manchester United.

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