Is Jürgen Klopp being stubborn in the January transfer market?

It’s the opinion of Paul Stafford that Jürgen Klopp is being stubborn and short-minded with his approach to 2017’s winter transfer window.

It is there for the world to see. Liverpool are in dire need of reinforcements this transfer window to inject some energy and verve into their recent listless displays and dip in form. But it seems Jürgen Klopp did not get the memo! Most Liverpool fans will agree that this is a tired team, and yet so far Jürgen has refused to do anything in this transfer window.

He appears to be waiting to see how the AFCON plays out, to see how long he will be without Sadio Mane – a vital cog in the Liverpool attack. But Sadio Mane needed a replacement at the beginning of the window, now, momentum is gone and Liverpool are in danger of slipping out of the top four after all the hard work they’ve put in so far this season. They had five months to figure this out, and yet have no contingency plan!

The loss to Swansea has set alarm bells ringing, and it is clear that Liverpool cannot cope with all the fixtures without Sadio Mane. Klopp has expressed his feelings on the transfer market, that it is too difficult to purchase in January, and only if the right player at the right price becomes available. I do not buy into that!

There are transfers going on right now! Other Premier League teams do not seem to have a problem finding a player they need, why should mighty Liverpool? Just look at what two fresh signings did for Swansea against Liverpool. They injected them with new-found enthusiasm. Perhaps Klopp’s hands are tied. It could be that he doesn’t have the backing of the owners as stated, and he is told to make those claims in public! Either way, this hesitancy in the market is seeing the Reds slip further down the table while their rivals are picking up valuable points!

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Liverpool should not be losing to teams like Swansea City at home! They do well against the ‘big boys’ but struggle against the minnows – Plymouth Argyle being the case in point.


The Swansea game was almost scripted as the world watched the game unfold. Jürgen Klopp praised the resurgent Swans before the match, which seemed to bolster their game. Perhaps he shouldn’t have done that. I could sense this game getting away from them when they failed to score in the first half after having so much possession, and when Lovren gave away that needless corner, I just knew it was going in. Yet another set-piece mishap!

I could also feel‘ that Llorente would score his second. But when Firmino equalised with two goals it looked like Liverpool had dodged a bullet, and would even go on to win it. But when that ball came through to Sigurdsson, almost as if in slow motion, I just knew that was going in.

Call it a premonition, if you like, but Liverpool have become so predictable in these matches over the years that it’s hard not to predict what is going to happen.

Ragnar Klavan, who was on a yellow card, should have been substituted with Joel Matip who had been cleared by FIFA to play. But Klopp waited, and he waited, made other substitutions instead, and Klavan was in danger of being sent off. Perhaps this may have affected his game. However, Klopp failed to notice this, and instead, brought on Matip in the closing stages as a striker! A striker!

We shouldn’t judge Klopp, considering his excellent C.V and his brilliance when bringing a team together, but he is making mistakes that are obvious to everyone else. Whatever the case, he seems too stubborn to realise this and change things accordingly. His team is tired from ‘geggenpressing’ all season and playing so many games so close together. The team needs a lift and an interjection of fresh legs just might give them that lift.

Sadio Mane is sorely missed, but the whole world, including Klopp, knew this was coming, and yet he did nothing about it. This is when the owners of the club, if they truly want to see Liverpool win their first title in over twenty years, need to step in and insist on a contingency plan.

Liverpool have made a profit this year. They also have the TV money. They are not strapped for cash! And they should open their chequebook before the clock winds down. But in order to do this, Jürgen Klopp needs to get past his pride and his insistence that he is happy to work with what he’s got!

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