Alex Rogers discusses how Lucas Leiva is actually very undervalued by all those associated with Liverpool.

Love him or hate him, Lucas Leiva has been at the club a long time and with rumours that this may well be his last season with us, it’s very hard not to feel a sense of sadness. Over the years, Lucas has had his fair share of critics and sceptics but through all the hate, he’s still here.

Let’s talk about his goal against Plymouth. Let’s not lie. We all jumped out of our seats in disbelief. I was looking at the screen like I’d just seen a martian land in the middle of the pitch and volley a ball top left. I think every Liverpool fan had a wide grin on their faces, especially given it’s been nearly seven years since Lucas last scored for the club.

Lucas is coming up for his tenth year for Liverpool and it’s been a roller coaster of a ride. He’s actually our longest serving player at this moment in time which is quite the achievement. It seems we’ve had old Lucas for centuries! Here’s a fun fact for you all, Lucas was the first ever Brazilian to score for Liverpool when he curled in a 25 yard shot against Havant & Waterlooville. Oh, how times have changed.

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But the fact of the matter is, does Lucas really need to go? He’s a very solid player to have as backup in either midfield or as a centre back. As much as it’s great to have a team of amazingly talented young players, it’s also important to have an experienced mind in there.


Lucas knows what it means to play for the badge, what it means to be a Scouser. He knows the club inside out and the younger players could learn a lot from him. He’s a bit like Yoda, in a sense.

Liverpool is primarily made up of relatively young players, with only four players in their 30s, being Klavan, Milner, Manninger and Lucas. Again, experience is an aspect overlooked a lot of the time when it comes to building a team.

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What many people love about Lucas is that he’s a self-proclaimed scouser. He’s said on numerous occasions that Liverpool is his home and that he is proud to say that his children are Scousers. Liverpool is his home.

What I seem to gather from a lot of people is that they dislike Lucas as a player because of his somewhat ugly playing style. Well, sometimes ugly is what you need. As much as it’s nice to see free flowing football running smoothly, sometimes you need that player that slides in with that crunching tackle.

But, maybe Lucas’ time at Liverpool is finally up. Maybe it’s for the best that we part ways. If Lucas does leave, we should thank him for his unwavering loyalty. He’s been a faithful servant, even if he wasn’t the most talented player to wear the shirt.

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