What would it be like if Liverpool were more like Genghis Khan?

Alex Rogers rues Liverpool’s inconsistency and dreams of a 15 game winning streak.

Monday left a bitter taste in the mouths of every Liverpool fan. Dropping points to 18th placed Sunderland was a hard pill to swallow after such an important victory against the formidable Manchester City a few days before. From tantalising euphoria, that the league title was up for grabs, to a shattering disappointment keeping us rooted to the ground all in the space of a few days. A funny game, football is.

Yes, the task of closing the gap between us and the in-form Chelsea seems a Goliath one, but it would seem that many Liverpool fans see it as that we’ve lost the title already, but a lot can happen in half a season.

The problem with Liverpool this season, like past seasons, is consistency. If Liverpool was a person, it would be Robin Hood. Taking points from the rich and giving to the poor. As noble as that seems, I’d much prefer Liverpool was like Genghis Khan, just takes whatever he wants. Doesn’t matter if you’re a small village called Crystal Palace or a wealthy city called Arsenal, we’ll take your points.

It was very hard to take any positives from Monday’s result. In fact, the only positive was that at the very least we got one point. Sad times indeed. A depressing blow to our title dreams.

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One thing that is overlooked by some, is that maybe in a different season, Liverpool could be first right now. Our points to game ratio is fantastic this season! It’s just typical that Chelsea would choose this season to have a go at breaking the record for most wins in a row in the Premier League. Typical.

But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t suddenly lose five games in a row, could it now? I know dropping points against Sunderland was a huge kick in the balls, but I guarantee that Chelsea are certainly due their own kick in the balls, and it’ll certainly come at some point this season. Perhaps we could be the kickers?

But if we truly want to challenge for the title, every game needs to be treated as a big game, because it seems we don’t have a problem against the big teams! Yes, perhaps the holiday fixture list was a bad one for Liverpool, playing two games in 48 hours would be killer for any team of professionals.

But maybe this disappointing result will kick start a run of wins? 15 wins in a row would be nice! As much as dropping these vital two points is a big deal, perhaps it also isn’t a big deal? Dropped points happen. It’s how you respond to dropping points that matters.

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