Drink driving, Firmino and dumb mistakes. A short Story by Alexander Rogers

Alex Rogers blasts Roberto Firmino for his selfish decision to drive drunk on Christmas Eve.

As most of you probably know by know, one half of our Brazilian samba attacking duo, Roberto Firmino, was done for drink driving on Christmas Eve. Bobby man, what you playing at?

It’s very, very hard to defend Firmino’s actions as it’s such a terribly stupid, selfish and sickening crime to commit. To many people, they may not see the what the big fuss is about. I’ll tell you what the fuss is about. When you decide to drink drive, you’re not only putting your own life at danger, but you are putting the lives of innocent people at risk.

When you take that risk, potentially, someone will wake up without a son, or someone will wake up without a mother, because of one person’s heinous and disgusting choice to drive while under the influence instead of walking or taking a taxi.

The disappointment I felt when I learnt that a man I respected highly could be so thoughtless, stung. I felt a huge wave of anger as well as disappointment. What was he thinking?! Bobby lad, you’re a professional footballer, can you not afford a taxi? Daft boy.

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After news broke of Firmino’s scandal, speculation spread like wild fire of his future. As well as the driving ban he will get, would he face further discipline from the club? Would Kopp drop him as punishment?

Fortunately for our title dreams, it doesn’t seem like Firmino will face time on the sidelines for his crime as he started against Stoke on Boxing Day, where he also grabbed himself a lovely goal that hit both posts.

But that doesn’t mean that this is the last time we may hear of Roberto’s ridiculous crime. Reports suggest that Firmino will be in court to face the repercussions of his actions, the same day that Liverpool are to play Chelsea. If this is true, then it could spell disaster for the club’s title challenge with one of our star players out unnecessarily against our biggest title rivals.

Firmino should take this mistake on the chin and try to move on from it. The fan base as a whole, is very disappointed with him and I’m sure he knows that. Hey, as much as he was acting beyond idiotic, he’s still a Liverpool player and we should stick by him.

His actions were disgusting and selfish and in no way am I defending the way he behaved, but I like to believe that anyone can make mistakes. I’m also sure Bobby himself feels like a right tw*t! Hopefully this will be the first and last of his idiotic actions behind the wheel.

Everyone has done something regrettable in their lives, everyone in the world has. Me, you, the Pope, everyone. I bet some of you are sitting in your seats thinking about something horribly regrettable right now, cringing at how brainless you were. But did that one mistake define who you are as a person? Most likely, no, it did not. The same way that Firmino is not a filthy criminal, just a man who made a terrible mistake. But at the same time, you’re an idiot, Bobby.

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