In defence of Loris Karius

Alex Rogers stand up for Loris Karius after the German goalkeeper endured a barrage of abuse from supporters and pundits after his poor performance last week.

Loris Karius has taken a fall from grace in the eyes of many Liverpool fans after a sub-par performance against Bournemouth, to put it lightly. The young German has had a lot of stick on social media by fans and pundits alike, but is this abuse fair?

Karius joined Liverpool under a lot of pressure. He came to Liverpool to become the new number one keeper at one of the biggest clubs in England after a fantastic season at Mainz in Germany. Many people were expecting an instant impact from the guy.

But very rarely does a player, joining a new team and league in a new country, manage to adapt straight away and become an instant hit. No, it’s often rare when that happens. So expecting Karius to be Superman for us between the sticks may be asking a little much.

“But he should at least be doing better than he has been doing!” I hear you say. You could argue he’s actually been pretty solid so far. Karius had begun to gather a collection of clean sheets before the disastrous Bournemouth game.

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A lot of it comes down to the defence. You could have the best goalkeeper in the world, but with a less than convincing defence, they sooner or later will concede a goal. With Matip and Lovren starting, our defence was starting to shape up very nicely. But when Matip was out of the side, it showed just how important he is for the side. Lovren and Lucas just didn’t make a formidable centre-back pairing like Matip and Lovren were beginning to.

I’ve seen many angry rants about Karius, how he should leave the club and never been seen in a Liverpool shirt again, but admittedly that was emotion talking. But even after the rage and hurt subsided, I’ve still seen an angry campaign against Karius.

Stop that, please. It’s silly to write off Karius. You can’t just write off a 23-year-old keeper, who was voted second best keeper in the Bundesliga by his fellow professionals last year, for a few sketchy moments here and there and a really bad game against Bournemouth. It’s not even been half a season and some people want to see him gone! What if in the second half of the season he actually does turn out to be Superman in goal? I doubt those people would want him gone then.

I do realise that a lot of the angry outburst on our beautiful, luscious haired, German beauty were fuelled by rage and emotion in the heat of the moment, but how counter-productive is that?

Just last week at Arsenal, Jenkinson was subject to a lot of abuse by Arsenal “fans” online after a poor performance for them, and even cheered when he was subbed off. May seem innocent enough until Jenkinson was actually dropped by Arsene Wenger to shield him from further abuse from the fans.

Let’s not be like that, yeah? We’re Liverpool fans! You’ll Never Walk Alone and such, remember? The best thing is to stick up for him and have his back, not shatter his confidence. Chin up Karius lad. You’ll do better next time.

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