Liverpool won't win the league unless this problem is solved

Paul Stafford vents his frustration at Liverpool’s poor defence and singles out Loris Karius for criticism.

I’m angry! Very, very angry! You would think, with all the resources at Liverpool’s disposal, that they could buy a decent defence and a decent goalkeeper. What happened at Bournemouth was ludicrous! Just plain ludicrous! We controlled the game, let the opposition back in, then threw it away!

I just knew it – I could feel it in the pit of my stomach, that when Bournemouth scored their first goal, they would go on to win. We absolutely cannot keep a clean sheet. We have a midfielder playing at left back, a midfielder playing at center-half and a goalkeeper that spills balls – another Mignolet!

Klopp did not address the issue in the summer transfer market. Sure, he brought in Matip, who is a fine fellow and Klavan who does not play, but he also bought Karius, who was supposed to be an upgrade on Mignolet. He is not!

And the first thing Klopp should do is bench him and bring in his competition. Seriously! Mignolet lost his spot due to high-profile errors such as the ones Karius has been making, and Klopp shouldn’t show favouritism to his compatriot. If he is benched, then he has time to reflect on his errors and complacency.

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I have said it before, that when you rely on a vital component to have a well-oiled machine, and when that component is missing, the machine breaks down! This game changed when Sadio Mane was taken off for Lallana. Granted, he had a knock and Lallana lacks fitness, but when Mane was gone, there was no longer that threat ‘popping’ up all over the place to worry the Cherries’ back line. Over-reliance on all the components in the machine working properly, without having a like for like replacement part, will be Klopp’s Achilles heel. Liverpool will not win the league this year, or any year until Klopp’s stubborn streak subsides.


All of the players Klopp bought in the summer, Mane aside, are all just average players designed to function like an engine. Place the parts on their own and they are no longer efficient. I look at the players Chelsea, United and City have brought in. They’ve brought in quality game-changers that can win a match on their own. Players such as Pogba, Ibrahimovic, Gundogan, Sane, Pedro and even David Luiz, are high quality and self-reliant players. Liverpool did not do this. They constantly bring in young players that they can improve and sell for a profit.

The major difference between Liverpool and all their main rivals for the title is their defence and their world-class keepers. The opposition managers ‘get it.’ Defence wins titles! They don’t have to rely on using midfielders as defenders. If they need to bring in a quality defender or keeper, they go out and get them. If they see where their team needs improvement, they are not afraid to buy in January, whereas Liverpool seem to be. Opposition managers determine what they need to push for the title during the second half of the season, and they do not hesitate to go out and get it.

As long as Klopp only focuses on attack and defending higher up the field, Liverpool will not have what it takes to be champions, and as long as we have two Simon Mignolets in goal, Liverpool, I’m afraid, will achieve nothing.

If the owners of this club truly want to win a title, then they should take matters into their own hands and insist that Klopp goes out and corrects the problems in January. They made a huge profit this year! They should have money to spend. Liverpool should be pushing for a title this season instead of the next. For God’s sake, go out and spend money on a decent defence and defensive midfielder in January or it will be yet another season of failure!

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