Not Sakho - Does this forgotten player have a future at Liverpool?

Alex Rogers discusses Alberto Moreno and whether or not the Spaniard has a future at Liverpool.

Moreno, love him or hate him, is a Liverpool player. But as of late, he hasn’t been a starter for us but has been replaced by James Milner, who has been doing an excellent job at left back. But this poses a question for Alberto Moreno, does he have a future here? Or is it only a matter of time before he’s shipped off?

Well, with the return of Joe Gomez, it’s fair to say Moreno has some competition to reclaim his starting role. If you’ve forgotten Joe Gomez, let me just refresh your memory of him. At the beginning of last season, Gomez had taken Moreno’s role as first choice left back (a common theme for Moreno it seems) and made an instant impact on the pitch and with the fans. There were even a few shouts that he was performing better than any left back in the league at that moment. But that all stopped when he was injured for the rest of the season and more.

And now Gomez is back, playing with the U23s, but it’s not hard to believe that he might even force his way back into the first team. And if that happens, what happens to Moreno?

As of late, the only game time Moreno has been getting is in the EFL Cup with the youngsters of the team, and not with many of the regular starters for the team. Is this the writing on the wall? Does this show that Klopp doesn’t value him as highly as other players? Or is it Klopp giving him a chance to prove his worth once again?

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In these games, Moreno has played reasonably well, not really putting a foot wrong, but his biggest weakness of being caught out of position can still be seen. Every once in a while, the opposition will make a dangerous attack down our left flank, and where is young Alberto? He’s up in the opposition’s half of the pitch, of course!

As much as it’s so very infuriating to see him make this mistake over and over again, it can be coached out of him, and I’m almost positive that Klopp does have plans with Moreno. Why wouldn’t he? If he tries hard for the club, which he does, and has the potential to be a great player, which he also does, then why on earth would Klopp want to get rid of Moreno?

We shouldn’t judge so harshly, let’s not forget, he’s only 24, with plenty of time to get better and better, and I’m pretty sure that’s what is going to happen.

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