Why Liverpool need to invest in the January transfer window

Alex Rogers explains why it is crucial that Liverpool sign one or two attackers in January.

Watching the game against Leeds was a mixed bag of emotions. On the one hand, it was mostly a boring game where no team looked dominant, but on the other hand, we won so who cares? It was also a lovely sight to see young Ben Woodburn get his first senior Liverpool goal.

But amidst the boringness of the game and the occasional scary Leeds attack, something really frightened me. And that was seeing the behemoth Divock Origi lying on the ground in pain. The pub I was in watching the game, was filled with the shrill shrieks of my voice, saying “Nooo, not Divock! Without him, we don’t have a striker!”

And it’s true, we wouldn’t. I know Firmino was only out the team for a week or so, and Sturridge likewise, but the point stands. Also, with many a rumour that Sturridge may or may not be departing in January, that would leave us with only Divock and Firmino as striker choices as Ings is out for the whole season.

Two strikers just doesn’t seem very adequate for a team challenging for the league, to me at least. Even only three strikers, if Sturridge does stay, seems a bit underwhelming for a challenging team.

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I know a lot of this is hypothetical, saying things like “But what if this guy gets injured! Or this guy gets sold!” but not preparing for these things that may happen, is preparing to fail.
And with Coutinho injured until around New Year’s or later, that leaves a massive gap that needs filling in our attack.

It seems like Wijnaldum is the fix for that at the moment, but moving him to a different position just as he’s getting good in his new, deeper lying position, could be counter productive. He may do exceedingly well on the left, like he did for Newcastle a lot of last season, but maybe not. We will see.

To me, despite the great youth talent we have at the moment, as shown against Leeds, I wouldn’t want to see then start a Premier League game as of yet. Personally, I feel like one or two attacking players should be on the cards for January. This would allow Wijnaldum to stay in his midfield role and also allow some healthy competition for a starting role. And who doesn’t love a bit of depth to a team?

With Coutinho injured, all it would take is another injury to Mané or Firmino for our attack to drop in quality, maybe even causing a change in formation and a change in formation does not seem like a good idea to me, not when everyone in the team has adapted so well to this current formation.

Well, we will just have to wait and see, won’t we? Maybe everything will turn out fine, but like I said before, and these words are words to live by, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

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