Alex Rogers, a Scottish Liverpool fan, evaluates how the Reds’ English players performed against Scotland on Friday night. 

Liverpool players are doing phenomenally this season, and not just at club level, but also at international level also. England beat my beloved Scotland 3-0 on Friday through goals from Sturridge, Lallana and Cahill. But forget about Cahill for a second, the fact that Liverpool players ran the show for England says something in itself.

As I’m from Scotland, I was obviously supporting Scotland on Friday, but seeing Sturridge score still put a little smirk on my face and I thought to myself, “so this is what it feels like, to be on the receiving end of a Sturridge goal.” And when Lallana scored for England’s second of the night I just laughed to myself.

Speaking of Lallana, from a completely neutral point of view from a Scotland fan and not a Liverpool fan, I think he is England’s best player at the moment. He ran the show for England, even though England didn’t play particularly well, Lallana was undoubtedly the best England player that night.

Lallana definitely showed Klopp-like qualities, along with Henderson on Friday, both running their socks off like always. It’s easy to see that Klopp’s teachings have seamlessly transferred over to the England team.

One thing I don’t like about the England team, despite being a Scotland fan, is the severe lack of Clyneage. Why doesn’t he start?! I know Walker is good and all, but Clyne is just so solid! To me, he’s just so defensively sound, and for a defender that should be the top priority, not if they have some pace about them.

Henderson experienced what it’s like to be England captain a few weeks ago, but since then, nothing has came of it with Rooney reclaiming the captain’s armband and rumours that Harry Kane is in contention to be the next captain.

Really? Harry Kane? I’m sorry, I have nothing against the fella, but it just seems so random that he is considered England captain material when there’s a player like Henderson who already captains his club, who are top of the league I may add.

Sturridge, despite some people thinking that he’s not had the best start to the season, capitalised on his start for his country, showing his ever-clinical form in front of goal. From an outside view, it’s laughable that Sturridge isn’t a guaranteed starter for England, but I can imagine it’s a lot more frustrating from an England fan’s point of view.

But it’s very pleasing to see the English Liverpool lads do well for their country, showing intent not just for their country, but also for their club. It was a bittersweet moment for me on Friday, but I’d much rather see Sturridge and Lallana score against Scotland than see a Rooney hat trick.