Alex Rogers discusses whether or not it’s absolutely necessary for Liverpool to buy a new player in January.

Liverpool have had, it’s safe to say, a tremendous start to the season. It brings a tear to the eye to see us being so dominant after so many years of let downs, disappointing losses, and promising seasons that have led to nothing.

And already many a transfer rumour has been circling around Liverpool about suspected new signings to be made, and from what I’ve seen we are signing about 26 ‘New Messis’ it seems. But I put to you this question, do we actually need any new signings in January?

Well, that question is up for debate. With Liverpool being in such good form, it certainly doesn’t seem like we need any more firepower for our already great system. We could definitely win the league with the group of players we have at our disposal.

The group of players we have are all so talented and each has room to improve even further! And it’s not just the starting XI, but the bench as well who are talented. A few of the players that regularly warm the bench, can be seen as unlucky to not be starting.

Rotation of players doesn’t seem to be a problem, as seen in the EFL Cup where many youth players got a run out, and even in the league, the talent on the bench can cover for a starting player if need be. However, Liverpool aren’t in Europe this year and if we were, the amount of players we have could’ve been a problem.

Say we were in Europe this year, I find it very unlikely that our terrifying trio of Coutinho, Firmino and Mané could play every single game of importance while playing games in the league. Also in the midfield and defence, not every player can play every minute.

And what about injuries? What if we were to sustain two or three injuries to our starting line up? Maybe signing a few players in January would be a good idea? But Klopp has said on more than one occasion that he would prefer to develop a player he already has than spend money on a new one.

Maybe Klopp has a few youth players in mind he thinks could take up the task of filling in for an injured Clyne, Lallana or Can? Who knows. Maybe we already have a couple of ‘New Messis’ we don’t know too much about?

Either way, I would definitely not say no to a new player in January. The more talent the better!

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