Alex Rogers discusses whether or not Loris Karius can be Liverpool’s David De Gea.

Every league winning team has a great goalkeeper. Be it Barcelona, Bayern Munich, PSG or even Leicester! And with Liverpool’s ambitious yet achievable goal of winning the Premier League, a great goalkeeper wouldn’t hurt, but does Karius have the potential to be a great goalkeeper?

Well with Karius’ first handful of games starting for the club in the Premier League, there’s not really much to say about the young German. To be honest, he’s been relatively shaky and doesn’t seem to be very confident between the sticks.

One of Karius’ biggest weaknesses it seems after watching him for the last few weeks is getting trapped in no man’s land. Not knowing when to come out and claim a high ball or to stay back and let his defenders deal with the threat. Many a time we’ve seen Karius come halfway out then change his mind, getting trapped in a goalkeeper’s worst nightmare, no man’s land.

There already seems to be a worryingly large number of Liverpool fans turning against the beautiful Karius. Come on guys, really? He’s expected to be making these mistakes, it’s a brand new team and a brand new league! I’d much more prefer he mucks up now rather than in the future when he doesn’t have the excuse that he’s still in his adapting phase.

David De Gea. Love him or hate him, he’s one of the best. He’s incredible to watch, just take the recent game we had against Manchester United where De Gea singlehandedly kept Man Utd from losing through two outstanding saves that pretty much no other keeper in the league would save. And why am I bigging up De Gea? Well, it’s common knowledge that De Gea did not have an easy start to the premier league.

In fact, De Gea, to many people, seemed a total flop at first. He couldn’t keep a clean sheet to save his life! And he showed all the signs that Karius is showing right now, uncomfortable with crosses and high balls into his box. After De Gea’s first season, many pundits suggested that he would be returning to Spain and I bet he glad he didn’t return to Spain, as I doubt he would be the player he is now.

Karius is a good goalkeeper. Being voted the second best keeper in the Bundesliga, only behind Neuer, doesn’t happen by mistake. He was very highly rated back in Germany and yes, he may not be showing the great form he showed in Germany, but as my mother taught me, patience is a virtue. Most players don’t carry their amazing form over from another team most of the time. They need that settling-in period.

So, how about we get off his back a bit, yeah? He did keep our first clean sheet of the season against Manchester United, after all, and let’s not forget the things he is good at!

He’s very good at commanding his back line, be it that they themselves are pretty experienced and he’s also exceedingly good at playing the ball from the back or launching the ball upfield for a killer counter attack, something Mignolet didn’t do too well most of the time. So let’s give the guy some time, and maybe he can be our David De Gea.

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