Three ex-Liverpool players that would've flourished under Klopp

Alex Rogers tells us who he thinks would’ve excelled under Jurgen Klopp’s tutelage.

It’s not a secret that Klopp is a great manager, one of the best in the world it could be said. Over the years, Klopp has managed many players, and many of those players have gone on to become world-class players thanks to Klopp.

But what if Klopp had managed some of Liverpool’s ex-players? Would they have become much better than they already were? Maybe. So here’s three ex-Liverpool players I think would’ve flourished under Klopp.

Dirk Kuyt

Dirk Kuyt was a fantastic player for Liverpool and scored 51 goals in 208 games for us. Dirk was very popular amongst the fans and for good reason. It was very hard to not adore that lovable Dutchman and I think Klopp would’ve loved having Dirk in his team.

He wasn’t the most technical of players, definitely not. But it didn’t matter as he just would not stop running! This guy would give Mo Farah a run for his money. If there’s one thing we know Klopp loves in his players it’s that he wants them to run and that’s exactly what Dirk Kuyt did every week for us. Run.

He would be everywhere on the pitch making a nuisance of himself and I think Klopp could’ve taken Dirk Kuyt to the next level. Unfortunately, Dirk is now getting on a bit at the ripe old age of 36 so I don’t think we will be seeing a shock bid for him anytime soon. But if Klopp had had Kuyt in his prime, well, who knows just how good he would’ve become.

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Maxi Rodriguez

Maxi Rodriguez was one of those players that if he felt like it, he could change a game in an instant. The footballing intelligence this guy had was fantastic! He could find himself in a pocket of space at any point in a game and score or assist a simple goal, or he could score an absolute screamer. Either one would do.

What tended to be the case with Maxi was, even though he would start a game as a winger, he would operate anywhere upfront changing from a winger to a striker, back to a winger then maybe be an attacking midfielder if the game called for it. The point is that he was versatile. And Klopp loves versatility.

I think Klopp could’ve made Maxi go that extra mile. Maxi certainly had the ability to get even better and maybe if Klopp was managing a prime Maxi Rodriguez then he could’ve. What Klopp likes his forwards to do is to be unpredictable, don’t stay in the same place all game, adapt. And as that was always one of Maxi’s great traits, finding space to work his magic, I think he and Klopp would’ve worked together just fine.

Luis Garcia

Now, Luis Garcia was an incredible player for us and rightly so. Nowadays he’s seen as a cult hero at Liverpool. I know, I have three wingers in this article but, to me anyway, all of these players seem to be a good fit for Klopp and I couldn’t leave out the man who likes to drink sangria, could I? Anyway, Luis Garcia was magic.

When Garcia came from Barca to bring us joy, he did exactly that. Even when Liverpool wasn’t doing too well, you could always rely on Garcia to do something magical, when he was fit that is. Garcia was guilty of being a bit inconsistent, however, on his day, oh my was he good.

I feel if Klopp had got his hands on the 5 ft. 7 Luis Garcia then I bet he could’ve knocked that inconsistency out of him and only got the football heaven bit of him. Luis Garcia was always a good player and the fact that he’s seen as a Liverpool hero is well earned, but I bet Klopp could’ve elevated him into one of the best around. Also, how good is Luis Garcia’s chant?!

So there you have it, those are the three players I think would’ve flourished under Klopp. I purposely didn’t choose Gerrard and Suarez mainly due to the fact they could’ve been good under anyone.

I’d love to hear which three players the people reading this would choose, so if you feel like it, you could leave a comment below telling us who you think would’ve been great under Klopp.

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