Alex Rogers discusses Danny Ings playing for the Liverpool U23s and wonders if he is too good to be playing with the reserves.

Everyone loves a bit of Danny Ings. It’s clear to see that he’s a great player on his day as seen in the past for Burnley and at the beginning of last season for us. But more recently, he’s been tearing it up for the U23s.

Danny Ings has been playing for the reserves for most of this season while it seems that Divock Origi is ahead of him as he sits on the bench for the first team. But I’m pretty sure if something were to happen to Origi then it would be Ings on that bench.

But as it stands, Ings has been playing for the U23s, and he’s been on some serious form for them, scoring a hat trick against the mighty Ipswich on Sunday. He’s already netted a total of 7 goals for the U23s and many people are calling for him to be back in the first team.

He’s been a pivotal player so far for the U23s which is definitely beneficial for both parties, the U23s and Ings himself. Allowing Ings to get guaranteed game time while also bolstering the U23s considerably, having a proven Premier League striker in their ranks.

Because that’s what he is, a proven Premier League striker! He got 11 goals in 35 appearances in a less than great Burnley side a few seasons ago. Imagine him with the likes of Coutinho and Firmino linking up with him. I can see it now, Danny Ings scoring a signature Danny Ings ping after a piece of magic from Coutinho.

However, I don’t see him getting into the first team this year, and that’s nothing against him as he does have the quality to be in the team, but everyone else also has great quality. What I see is that Danny will be spending the whole season with the U23s, continuing to score Danny Zings for them while also perfecting his craft in a league that may not quite be the Premier League, but a fiercely competitive league in its own right.

And by next season he could definitely be playing for the first team, maybe even becoming a starter, who knows. Anything is possible. Also, I’ve mentioned this in other articles, but Ings is such a Klopp player! Klopp can and will get the best out of him, that I’m sure of.

Everything that Klopp demands from his players is what Danny Ings has. A fierce pressing style on defenders and also tracking back, among other things, Ings already had in his style of play before Klopp took charge.

And now, the U23s should definitely cherish Ings while they have him because they won’t have him forever, that’s for sure. For most other teams in the Premier League, I think Ings could get on the bench for them. He’s just dreadfully unlucky that our attacking options are already so, so good.

So, my suggestion is that we should get used to hearing that Ings has had another great game for the U23s for a while, because unless some injuries occur, that’s who he will be playing for. And that’s not a bad thing.

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