Alex Rogers discusses whether or not Adam Lallana can cement his place in the starting lineup at Liverpool.

Lallana has been at the club a while now and the general consensus is that he’s a good squad player. But with his great run of form recently, maybe he could prove to have a bigger role than he has had in previous seasons.

When we bought Lallana, we bought him for a hefty fee of £25 million and for a good while, he did not seem to be worth the money. Maybe it was the pressure of a new club and a high transfer fee? Or maybe we just expected him to be better than he actually was.

For some time I did not really like Lallana too much mainly because I just did not think he was good enough and I know I wasn’t the only one who thought this. He was seen as a one-trick pony who couldn’t finish and would try one too many Cruyff turns.

But as time went on, he started to slowly get better. A few good assists, a couple of goals every now and again and he earned his place as a good squad player. But with the introduction of Klopp, he started to really improve. Klopp seems to really have made an impact on Adam. His pressing is phenomenal and his fitness is insane.

Klopp seems to really have made an impact on Adam. His pressing is phenomenal and his fitness is insane.

Lallana’s finishing has always been a little bit below par since being at Liverpool, but since the introduction of Klopp, there’s definitely been an improvement in his finishing ability.

Already with two goals this season and his first international goal for England, hopefully, that’s an indication of what can be expected for the rest of his season. With his absolute scorcher against Leicester and a lovely finish against Arsenal it’s fair to say he’s in fine form.However, this leaves Klopp with a predicament. Who starts?

However, this leaves Klopp with a predicament. Who starts?

Liverpool has a wealth of talented midfielders who all have personal strengths and weaknesses, but only so many can start. Personally, I think that there is no way Lallana can be left out with his fantastic run of form, but then who misses out? Coutinho? Wijnaldum? Can? It’s definitely a hard choice to make.

Lallana didn’t really stand out as a player that would be a starter for Liverpool very much before the season began, but since then he’s proved that he could maybe be a good starter for us, and not only that, he could maybe even be a very important player for us if he keeps up his form.

Hopefully, if he keeps up this form, we won’t see it as him being “in form” but that he’s actually just that good. I really do want him to fight for a starting role. Lallana is a good player, always has been, but he’s never been really good. Maybe he can start doing that doing that consistently from now on, forever preferably forever.

Maybe in a month’s time we will have the old Lallana back doing too many Cruyff turns, but while he’s on fire let’s just enjoy him.

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