A fan’s opinion on China Everbright’s 1 billion pound takeover

Anfield after its redevelopement
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Daniel Taylor, in his debut article for Rousing the Kop, discusses the implications of a financial takeover from a personal perspective.

In recent weeks, we have heard a lot of news about the club’s future. This news involves the ownership of Liverpool Football Club. As interest develops from China Everbright, fans are really intrigued about what this means for the future of the club.

As rumours slowly intensify, we should look at the positives and negatives that would come with financial takeover for Liverpool.

Although I have seen mixed reactions, the bulk of fan response has been really positive. It seems that fans are in favour of this takeover happening. In my opinion, I feel that supporters have reacted this way because of the Chinese group’s financial situation. It became clear very quickly that the Chinese group are worth billions of pounds which highly excites fans.

This transfer window, Premier League clubs spent over £1 billion, so it’s clear that times are changing. Whether this is good or bad is another story, but what is clear is Reds’ fans want to see their club spend big on marquee signings like everyone else.

Fans believe that money from Everbright can take the club an extra step forward and attract bigger names to the club.

One point that is worth addressing is that even with ridiculous money, who says Klopp is the kind of manager to spend this kind of cash? We have seen from this transfer window, by not buying a left back, that Klopp is a firm believer in player development and this is no secret.

The youth system is something I am an admirer of. I enjoy seeing young players come through the academy and get their chance. In the past, this system brought us one of the club’s all-time greatest players in Steven Gerrard, and more recently we are seeing players like Sheyi Ojo get a chance.

But with a takeover, how much will the youth system be used and invested in? If the club has massive money to spend, why wouldn’t they go out and spend it?

It’s things like this that worry me. We see this example with Manchester City. They have a real lack of homegrown players within the club and they do not have many players coming through their own youth system.

I would hate to see this happen to Liverpool as producing young talent is a trait Liverpool are known for with recent young departures such as Raheem Sterling and Jordan Ibe going for a combined price of £65 million.

This displays how well the youth system can be executed by bringing through quality to help the side as well as gaining huge profit. The youth system isn’t expensive compared to spending big on established players who don’t quite make it.

An important point is who knows what the Chinese group may be like? They could make significant decisions within the club which may be harmful to the nature of the club. I would hate to see them try and run the club like a business similarly to Gillette and Hicks because that’s not what Liverpool is.

Personally, I do feel that this move is a good one for Liverpool and I am hoping for good investments and positive change. The financial backing may be amazing for us because Liverpool is still a sleeping giant in my eyes and Everbright may be the factor to wake us back up!

However, naturally, I am still cautious about this development.


  1. Nobody would want to see LFC become another Manchester City but any manager who thinks we can seriously improve, or even cope, by playing Milner or, it has been rumoured, Sakho, at LB is deluded and should spend the money on a new one. I doubt the sanity of any manager who seeks to use Henderson as a DM when he is patently not suited to the role and I have serious misgivings about any manager who just might bring Lucas back to that position when he’s been barely average there for many years.
    Other clubs try to improve but we buy attacking midfielders whilst leaving LB, DM and striker woefully weak despite taking in about £20m more than we paid out during this recent transfer window.
    Lucas, Milner, Sakho, Sturridge, Henderson and Firmino are all either being played out of position or are seemingly about to be brought back despite obviously not being good enough.
    Five points behind after three games is not a good start but with chaos on the LB position and no defensive protection from midfield in front of a dodgy defence we aren’t going to win many games unless we score three or more.
    Whilst detesting what City have become – and I live in Manchester, for my sins in this and a previous life – ‘making do’ with what we’ve got when three positions are so weak is painful. We don’t seem to have any kids coming through in these areas so, surely, the only option is to buy . . . or fail to get into Europe again next season, which would be a tragedy.
    We either have ambition or we don’t and if we haven’t got kids coming through, for these positions what choice do we have unless we don’t care if we remain mediocre.
    Please don’t tell me Mr Klopp can make Sakho, Lucas, Moreno or Henderson good players as they’ve been tried numerous times and failed!

  2. You make a point about Sterling and Ibe coming through the ‘system’. Unfortunately with that it goes that they left for more money and/or playing time. The lure of bigger salaries will always be there and taken up more times than left. The pathway from the Academy is not a guarantee of a youngster willing to remain at Anfield and forego higher earnings on offer by these ‘Daddy-rich’ competing clubs. Chinese investment can be used , as one possibility. Yet another inference to the idea of takeovers ( though not made . might I add in your article ) by super rich owners is that they do indeed have ‘super’ money and thus should not be considered as suitable owners. Recently another American owner bought a Midland premier club but it did not raise the objection of being unwanted as the buyer was not considered to be super rich. Is there then a level of sufficient richness to be able to green-flag a suitable club buyer then? Heaven help the super rich guys if that is the case. It’s quite strange to think of a market that I will not be able to buy in because I am too rich!! Can’t we simply live in the football world of the here and now rather than some tailored dream world?


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