Aaron Curry takes a look at the three Liverpool players who have been forgotten amidst the transfer madness.

The transfer window is a crazy period where all sense seems to be lost. The summer transfer window of 2016 saw the Premier League smash the £1 billion barrier. That is absolutely absurd.

When this kind of money is bandied about players are often forgotten, even those just signed. This is what has happened in the last few weeks at Liverpool.

Amidst the ins and outs of the transfer window, it was brought to my attention that several players within the Liverpool squad may have been overlooked, whether this has occurred through people’s opinions or simply a lack of playing time. Who are the Liverpool players that have seemingly disappeared into the dark?


  1. Like you I have been searching for information on Grujic and Gomez but journalists fail to provide any information about them. Agree that they all would be suitable for first team performance when fit again. Perhaps your comment will bring some reportage on them to the fore