Dylan Gerstley is calling for more support for Jürgen Klopp with fans calling for a big money signing to ignite the Reds’ chances of success. 

The Premier League campaign has finally started and already the season has been rife with amazing highs and horrible lows. A swashbuckling second half spell saw the Reds put three past the Gunners, only to allow two goals late on to make the 4-3 victory a little less convincing. The defensive frailties were again showcased against a hard working, defence and counter-attack minded Burnley team that scored their only two chances.

The fan reaction to the Burnley game was atrocious but overreaction hardly fixes any of the problems. Liverpool did well to hold the ball but their attack was dull and lifeless. New acquisition Sadio Mane was certainly missed and the defence certainly played poorly when needed, but the fact remains that losing a game like that, in those circumstances, is incredibly rare. Burnley took their chances but on another day, it could have been different.

Still, it seems clear to nearly everyone in the game that if Liverpool are to come good under Klopp this season changes need to be made to the squad. Deadwood has been, for the most part, successfully moved on, but one or two additions will boost the squad to trophy contention caliber in fans’ eyes. A left back and a defensive midfielder are on the short list from casual observer to high profile pundits and Liverpool legends like Steve Nicol.

Klopp has responded angrily to the outspoken majority, stating he “can’t wait” for the end of the window because everyone is “obsessed” with it. Klopp may have a point with the modern game’s fascination with the window, but it actually goes much deeper than that.

The German has transformed Mainz into a stable Bundesliga capable club and Dortmund into a genuine world power. His methods of hard work on the training ground, intense physicality, excellent team work, and fiery passion have made his teams successful and why would he change that? His signings at Dortmund were incredible; players were bought for small fees and performed like superstars.

Klopp obviously feels his methods are what gets the team going, not big money signings. No one could begrudge him that belief simply because oh his track record. The German clearly sees something in training with Alberto Moreno to keep him as the only left back. If anything has been clear over his short tenure at Anfield, it is that he hates defensive mistakes.

The same can be said for the defensive midfielder. No matter what fans think of Wijnaldum or Henderson, Liverpool have Emre Can. The young German is a truly special midfielder and adding another to the mix might endanger squad morale. Of course, the midfielders the club are linked to also make it much easier to stick with what they have. Dahoud and Paredes clearly look like talented and promising players but their youth and inexperience counts against them, especially in the Premier League. It is just a different game and there is no guarantee they would be successful at Anfield.

Regardless of what fans think, Klopp has shown his methods work. Trust the German and his magic on the training ground. There is a funny stat making the rounds that when Dortmund won the title, they lost three times in their first six. Have faith and show support! Liverpool will lift a trophy this year, no doubt about it.

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