John Shiels expresses his and many supporters’ excitement for the new-look Anfield which will be debuted against Leicester in two weeks!

As we eagerly await the first home game of Liverpool’s 2016/17 season we are going to have to wait a little bit longer until we get to see them in action at the new look Anfield.

Anfield’s main stand has undergone a major transformation this summer adding almost 10,000 extra seats to the stadium’s capacity. Along with the extra ten thousand red men and women packed into Anfield comes plenty more positives for Liverpool as a club and as a city!

At each home game Anfield will now have an extra ten thousand voices inside which can only add to the famous atmosphere we create, although this expansion brings much much more than just a greater atmosphere.

This will mean Liverpool will sell an extra ten thousand tickets every Anfield match day adding to our revenue which after time will help us compete in the transfer market. Many supporters will take a trip to the club shop to buy a souvenir of some sort whether it be a Liverpool shirt or a piece of signed memorabilia. So there will be more money for the shop but more people means more queues and the only way to deal with that is to employ more staff…

From the food stalls to the programme stands and from the club shop to stewards the club is going to require additional staff to be able to facilitate the increase in supporters . This will have a long term positive effect for local people and the city’s economy.

Further afield from Anfield all these extra supporters are going to require accommodation, therefore the demand for hotels and guesthouses in surrounding areas will increase meaning an all round positive effect. Furthermore, they will also need to get around the city. Whether they choose to travel by bus, taxi or hire a car is up to them, but whichever option they choose will mean business for the company or driver.

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit Anfield on match day and have gone into a bar before kickoff then you’ll know they are always packed with plenty of people buying one, two or maybe even three pints before and then after the game so these extra supporters will be vital for the pubs surrounding Anfield.

It’s great to know that this renovation is only phase 1 in Anfield’s redevelopment plan. I would like to urge fans visiting Anfield this season to sing from start to finish and bring the atmosphere back to our home so we can intimidate teams both on the pitch and off the pitch to ensure Jürgen’s reign in the Liverpool country is as successful as possible!

Featured Image: All rights reserved by Getty Images