Harry Iles discusses whether or not there is actually room for Danny Ings.

Origi and Sturridge are coming off successful seasons with both of them looking to cement themselves as our number one striker. But with Firmino impressing in the latter stage of last season it gives Klopp a tough decision regarding that position.

Which leaves the question, where does Danny Ings come in?

Ings impressed early last season with numerous goals leading up to his injury. Though this injury kept him out for the rest of the season Origi and Firmino scored various goals and began to show their qualities as a striker.

After the eventual return of Ings, he featured regularly in pre season and scored a couple of goals. Despite this, he was the talking point of various transfer rumours as it looked unlikely he’ll see much time on the pitch.

This seems reasonable as Ings spent much of his time last season featuring in Europa League matches. Obviously with no European football he’ll have to look to domestic competitions to find time this year. With a number of players to compete with for this position let’s look into what Danny Ings can bring to the team.

Ings is an extremely hard working player which perfectly suits Klopp’s system. He has the ability to defend from the front and force mistakes from the oppositions defenders.

He also brings pace to the team which we have severely lacked in recent times. With the arrival of Sadio Mane, Klopp is clearly trying to address that problem and Ings could play a key role in that.

Klopp said: “I like Danny. I talked to him and I told him last week that in my opinion it makes more sense that he collects game time, that he can play – as he did, he scored a goal, all good.

“But the situation here is like it is. You can ask me about it, or you already know about it. We don’t have a big problem at this moment – and hopefully it stays like this – on strikers.

“We need to work, every player needs to work and be available and then I have to make decisions, that’s how it is. Show me your best and I will make decisions. The most comfortable situation for me would be that the decisions are really difficult to make.

“It’s pretty possible, and hopefully it stays like this, that I have to make on Friday really difficult decisions because no-one has given me a sign that they don’t want to be involved. That’s a manager’s life.”

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