Alex Rogers discusses whether or not Marko Grujic can become a starter for Liverpool next season.

I think we can all agree that Marko Grujic is a great signing. Even though all that we’ve seen him is in preseason, he has impressed hugely, getting himself on the score sheet more frequently than we probably expected.

Yes, even though it is just preseason, it’s clear to see that Grujic is an absolute animal. An absolute machine, if you will. But what has surprised me about him apart from his physique is his technique. He’s got good feet for a big man.

His goal against Barcelona shows his great off the ball ability. That run from deep to receive the pass. And the header! Oh my, the header. It was something special.

But could Grujic, possibly, be a starter next season? Maybe. Maybe not. With many fans saying that we need a new defensive midfielder to play along with Emre Can, many people forget that we already do have someone that could partner with Can. Marko Grujic.

It’s not as far fetched a it sounds, I don’t think. Grujic is a big lad, and hopefully, he can use that physicality to assert dominance. Standing at an impressive 6 ft 3 inches, I don’t think it’s impossible for Marko to adapt to the physicality of the Premier League quickly.

The only thing that would possibly be the biggest problem for Grujic, would be the technical side of his new league. No disrespect to the Serbian league, but it isn’t quite the Premier League. I doubt there are many Agueros or Kevin De Bruynes running about in Serbia.

But the only way you learn, is through experience and I’d love to see Grujic dominating in midfield more often than not next season.

However, I’m not delusional. I fully expect Grujic to make mistakes. In fact, he will 100%. That’s not me being negative towards him, that’s just what happens when you’re in a new team and different league with different playing styles. What’s important is not getting on his back about it, and maybe cut him some slack.

But he’s already shown that magic touch, and wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a few goals for himself next season. I don’t know, I know I’m not the only person that has the thought that maybe Grujic could surprise us next season.

So is it unreasonable to think Grujic could be a starter? Well with Klopp’s love of young talent and with Grujic being only 20, I don’t think it is. But is it realistic that he will? Probably not. As much as many people would love to see him be a starter in his debut season for Liverpool at the age of 20, it just seems unlikely, doesn’t it?

The pressure would be unbelievable. And for many players, that’s what ruins them. No I think Klopp is much too smart to throw him into the team as a starter, even if many people think he’d do well. I think he will make him a starter when he’s ready. Be that in two seasons, one season or even this season, Klopp knows best.

Featured Image: All rights reserved by This is Anfield

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