With Lucas rumoured with a move away from Liverpool, I feel like it’s time to address why Lucas deserves some respect from the Liverpool faithful.

First of all, Lucas is the longest serving Liverpool player currently in the squad. What, that kinda snuck up on us, that one. Really, I don’t think many people realise just how loyal a servant he’s been for us.

Signing in 2007, he’s since played over 300 games for the club. That’s a decent number of games and playing that many games for a club doesn’t happen by accident. He’s played so many because he’s deserved it.

Here’s a cool fact for you all. Between 2010-2016, Lucas had the best tackles per game ratio in the league 5 times in those six years. Now that’s a fantastic statistic, one of the best to have as a defensive midfielder. Technically, he’s the best defensive midfielder in the world, but that was never in doubt, was it?

Also, let’s not forget who was Liverpool’s player of the year for the 2010-2011 season. You guessed it, it was Lucas Leiva who received the great honour. Someone who won that prestigious award deserves some respect I think.

Lucas, to me anyway, has always been a comforting figure at Liverpool. He seems to be a player that other players respect and look up to. He’s been a leader on and off the field for many years now.

Despite Milner being a leader himself, I couldn’t feel like it was deserving that he got the vice captaincy over someone like Lucas, who knows the club so well. A couple of years ago, it wasn’t an unreasonable idea that Lucas could’ve been the vice captain.

With it seemingly becoming more and more likely that Lucas will be leaving us, with him supposedly agree terms with Galatasaray, I feel some respect should be shown for our longest serving warrior. Seeing people calling him “dead weight” and that he should’ve left years ago, pains me. I wish Lucas well, and if he does leave, I thank him for his service. And any self respecting Liverpool fan should too.

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