Alex Rogers weighs up the decision to sell Joe Allen to Stoke City.

With a £13 million bid for Joe Allen from Stoke City apparently accepted by Liverpool, I don’t know how to feel about the Welshman leaving Liverpool.

On one hand, £13 million for Joe Allen, who only has one year left on his contract, is a nice amount of money for little Joe. On the other hand, Allen proved last season that he was a tidy squad player and was a great option off the bench.

Some people may argue that after Allen’s great performance at the Euros, £13 million seems a little bit cheap. I argue back that, as I stated before, Joe only has one year left on his contract. £14 million seems like the most we’re going to get regardless.

That £13 million could go into funding for a great player, potentially. In the right market and the right scouts, £14 million is more than enough for a great player. People forget that you don’t need to splash the cash for a good player. The thought of a player being bought for €100 million makes me cry.

Let’s look at Grujic for example, he was very cheap and has great potential. We could get a direct replacement for Allen at £14 million who, potentially, could be better. Sorry Joe.

But, however, why take the chance when we already have a proven Premier League midfielder? I know that, realistically, Allen isn’t exactly going to win any player of the year awards anytime soon (well who knows?) but he has shown to be a reliable squad player who has grown as a player under Klopp. So why take the risk in a new player?

Players flop all the time in the Premier League. Even Liverpool has seen its fair share of flops. Who knows, if Allen is sold, the player to replace him isn’t guaranteed to be a hit.

We need to be careful. Selling Joe possibly, bear in mind the word possibly, could be a big mistake. But on the flip side, it could lead to better things for the club. It really is a hard call.

Allen over the last few months has become something of a fan favourite. And it could be argued that it’s deserved. Yes, I know, it’s ironic because he looks like Jesus or something. But just under that ironic layer, it was based on many solid performances.

At the end of the day, there are pros and cons to selling the wee Welshman. Distinguishing which option is better is 100% personal opinion. I’ve tried to keep this article unbiased but readers with a keen eye probably know my personal view on this matter. Whatever happens, I’ll be happy.

Allen has been a loyal servant, but if it’s time to move on, then it’s time to move on. If we get good money for him, then we should sell.

Featured Image: All Rights Reserved by Squawka

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