Alex Rogers explains why this pre-season should excite us all.

“If it’s easy in each game in the pre-season, then we get the first problem in the Premier League. So we want to have the problems in the pre-season and be prepared in the Premier League.”

This quote from the gaffer shows exactly why Liverpool are playing nine pre season games this year, the most in recent years. To be prepared. And, to be honest, I’m very excited for this pre season and with good reason.

With two wins already this pre-season, including that lovely 5 goal win against Fleetwood Town, we’re off to a good start. The quote above by Klopp mentions how he wants all the mistakes to happen now, rather than later, when they will matter and that’s exactly how it should be.

With this being Klopp’s first pre season, he can fully implement his style on his team. Last season, the team took a good few months to get into the swing of things under Klopp, but, hopefully, that won’t be the case next season after this long pre season.

All the players have the great privilege of starting their days with a lovely 7 am run. When I say privilege, I really mean they are subjected to it. But hey, if it gets them running a million kilometres a game without breaking a sweat then I’ll allow it. Rather them than me.

Also with three training seasons a day, our boys have no excuse not to be fighting fit next season. We’ll have a team of terminators on the pitch, outrunning and hopefully outscoring any opposition after this gruelling pre season.

Yes, it’s a great opportunity to get the teams fitness up, but it also allows a great bonding experience for all the players. The team will be flying out to America for the 2016 tour and allows our boys to bond and get to know each other better.

I think we can all agree that people play together better if they understand and like who they are playing with, yes? Well, going on tour together with “the lads”, so to speak, allows for greater understanding of each other. Nothing worse than playing with someone you don’t like.

It also allows the newer players to integrate into their new team and gives Klopp a better idea of the role they will play for the season.

In America, Liverpool will be playing against formidable foes, with the likes of Chelsea, AC Milan and Roma. If we get destroyed in these games, I couldn’t care less and I’ll tell you why.

The quote from before where it mentions making mistakes? Well, games like this are exactly where we should be making them! It gives very clear ideas on where we can improve on and what our strengths are. If we win, however, I’m definitely not going to be upset.

Klopp wants this pre season to be hard for the team, not just because why not, but to strengthen his team. But thank God I’m not the one doing 7 am runs.

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  1. Our business is pathetic and it’s basically because FSG won’t let us spend money,we have averaged roughly £25 to £30 million pounds a season since they’ve taken over.I don’t want to hear they saved us from administration ( BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T,THEY NEW WITH A FEW TWEAKS THE CLUB WOULD BE WORTH A BILLION + ) And now there just gonna cream LFC for everything they can,I say FSG OUT FSG OUT FSG OUT FSG OUT !!!

  2. Friendlies don’t mean a thing except to fine tune the squad and to raise the fitness levels.
    Partly true .
    You could apply that to the matches against lower league teams.
    But when it comes to playing friendlies against teams who also play in the top tier, not only does the aforementioned hold true, but add to that the effect of winning the friendly and the subsequent feel good factor; not to mention the fact that even the opposing team is at the same level of fitness and tuning as we are at this stage before the start of the season.

    Friendly, yes, but also a moment to push the dagger in. Work on the mistakes, yes, but also win AND work on the mistakes.
    As the age old adage goes….Winning is a habit.