Dylan Gerstley is of the opinion that Danny Ings is a dangerous, versatile attacking option and will become a lethal weapon under Klopp.

The horrors of the Brendan Rodgers era are well documented but the Northern Irishman did hit in the transfer market more times than fans give him credit for. Divock Origi was deemed a failure after his loan spell at Lille but came to life under Klopp and ripped defenses apart towards the end of the 2015/16 season.

Roberto Firmino also took the Premier League by storm last season and the Brazilian is set for an even better second season. Even Joe Allen came good last season, possibly proving the issue was not the signings but Rodgers as manager.

Danny Ings still remains a bit of an unknown quantity in the Liverpool shirt but started bagging goals and turning in high level performances before Rodgers was given the sack. In Klopp’s first training session, the 23 year old English striker tore his ACL. This horrible stroke of misfortune proved to be the end of Ings’ season and he only appeared once under Klopp.

Now that his injury is behind him, Ings is participating in Klopp’s preseason and played 45 minutes against Tranmere, scoring the game winning goal in his cameo. The striker’s performance was reminiscent of his best last season and has made Liverpool’s attack even more interesting. He played a featured in another 45-minute cameo in which he missed a penalty, but we’ll forgive him for that.

Ings possesses pace in spades and has an eye and hunger for goal that was evident in his last spell at Burnley in the Premier League. The Englishman was the club’s best offensive weapon, a fact made clear in his dominant performance at Turf Moor in December 2014. Ings finished that season with 11 goals in 35 appearances, a solid return for any player but especially impressive given his club’s relegation and his inexperience in the Premier League.

It is obvious the young striker has a fantastic attitude as he could be seen at Melwood daily to train even after his injury. This attitude is also seen in his positive, active, energetic movement on the field. Ings never gives up on a ball and gives his all for the team.

This energy is commendable but his movement into the attacking third and into the channels created by opposition defenses is intelligent and impressive for one so young and inexperienced. This type of movement is a huge plus for Liverpool as Klopp has made it clear that in tandem with elite athletic ability, players need a sharp mental game. Ings is clearly tactically astute and his unpredictable movement should only improve his standing in Klopp’s eyes.

All of the striker’s technical attributes are solid as well. The Englishman is a strong dribbler of the ball and loves to run with pace at defenders. He is never too shy to take a pop on goal and his shooting form is precise and allows for cracking, swerving shots that will be tricky for opposing goalkeepers to deal with.

All in all, Ings looks a coup for Klopp after Liverpool paid a nominal fee and the striker has had a year to grow accustomed to his surroundings. His pace and supreme athleticism will aid him in adapting to Klopp’s demanding style but he possesses the mental and tactical nous to learn quickly. Klopp and his already potent attack just gained another lethal element.

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