Why Has Liverpool’s Sponsorship Deal With Bet Victor Received A Backlash From Fans?

(Liverpool ECHO)

Alex Rogers discusses why Liverpool’s sponsorship deal with Bet Victor has received such a bed response from fans. 

Recently, Liverpool signed a three year sponsorship deal with Bet Victor and the response of many Liverpool fans was negative to say the least.

But why are many fans disappointed with this piece of business? Maybe it’s because they wanted a higher class of sponsorship? It’s easy to see, even to a none football fan, that Bet Victor isn’t a huge company that could bring a huge amount of money to the club like other club’s sponsorships can.

With other premier league teams with huge sponsorship deals, like Manchester United and Chevrolet, Manchester City and Etihad, Arsenal and Fly Emirates, Even Chelsea and Yokohoma tyres, these are all huge deals that will bring their respective clubs ridiculous amounts of money.

It just seems Bet Victor doesn’t fit in with these companies, who are all juggernauts in their respective fields of industry, I should point out. Many fans just don’t think that Bet Victor can live up to the money side of things unlike Yokohoma tyres can with their shirt sponsorship with Chelsea costing them £200 million. Two Hundred Million Pounds! That’s a crazy amount of money! And that’s not even the biggest deal, with Etihad in a deal with Man City worth £400 million!

Bet Victor also isn’t one of the biggest companies in the gambling industry either. Maybe if we got a deal with William Hill or Paddy Power, for example, a lot of people wouldn’t be unhappy with the deal? Bet Victor are a pretty average company when it comes to gambling – definitely not one of the biggest.

But maybe people’s discontent with the deal is a lot simpler than I’m making it out to be? Maybe it’s as simple as people not liking the Bet Victor training kits and what they look like.

Let’s be honest with ourselves here, the majority of fans couldn’t really care too much on complicated business dealings a club makes that doesn’t involve a player being bought or sold. It’s highly likely many fans just don’t like the way the kit looks with the Bet Victor logo sprawled all over the front of the kit.

At the end of the day, the sponsorship isn’t a bad thing at all. If it’s bringing money to the club I’m happy. And let’s not forget that Bet Victor isn’t our main sponsor, with the likes of New Balance and Standard Chartered also in deals with us. Also with the new stand being built with the rights to it being sold for £100 million, perhaps more. People needn’t worry on the money sides of things. If the kit looks decent and we get money, the average fan should be happy.

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  1. Alex,
    The thing with clubs like Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal or even Man United having the sponsorships they have from these huge companies is that they’ve all been finishing higher up the Premier League table & consistently participating in the UEFA Champions League, which is a key factor in attracting these sponsorships.

    Liverpool, unfortunately, haven’t been doing that so it’s a little silly for us to expect Adidas (for instance) to just rock up at Melwood ready to do business.

    Whatever the reason for Reds fans’ discontent, it remains vital that we back our side to earn a big sponsorship (amongst other things) next season under Klopp. Give it a couple more seasons of Champions League football or winning trophies under Klopp and Liverpool will surely be signing bigger & better deals.

  2. It would be a better article if the facts were accurate ….. the sponsorship deal with Bet Victor is for the training kit, not the shirt sponsorship, which is still with Standard Chartered.

    The examples you provide (Man Utd & Chevrolet / Chelsea & Yokohama Tyres / Man City & Etihad deals) are for the main shirt sponsorship, so the arrangement we have with Standard Chartered is a more pertinent comparison

  3. Totally agree with fid1892 above.

    The true comparisons are with the training kit deals that have been done by Man Utd (19.6m per year with AON), Chelsea (10m per year with Carabao), Arsenal (No training kit sponsor) and Man City (Same as main sponsor).


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