What's Next For Liverpool In The Transfer Market?

Dave Davis ponders what will happen next for Liverpool in the transfer market.

As the Reds return to pre-season training, the club will quite rightly be keen to show you newly acquired players in our newly sponsored training kits. Mane, Grujic, Karius and Matip will no doubt feature in various smiling / shots alongside Klopp with the odd photo of our new fitness coach and nutritionist. The big question koppites are asking though is: who’s still to come? As long as that window stays open, predictions and rumours will ensure journos are kept in business.

It’s harder to predict than its been in previous seasons as the club seems to have gone some way towards plugging previous leaks from within. Piotr Zielinksi is one name that seems to have a more than decent chance, with a deal expected to be wrapped up soon now Poland have exited the euros. Multiple Italian club presidents have ensured the cats been out the bag on that one for a while. The final ruling on Sakho may well determine whether Klopp feels the need to dip into the centre half market, especially with Joe Gomez set to return. Kolo leaving felt like when you’re best mate moves away, but we seem well stocked here if it’s a positive outcome.

A left back is a definite target, with a £7 million bid being turned down for Ben Chilwell. This isn’t a signing that seems to be exciting a lot of fans, with many casting their eye towards the German Jonas Hector and even the treatment table resident Kieran Gibbs. I’m no fan of Moreno and believe he’s brain dead at times when it comes to positioning and defending.

Carra expressed similar sentiments on Twitter after his performance during that painful night in Basel. We have to trust our manager though and who really knew about Joe Gomez before he came? If Chilwell started the same way we’d all be delighted.

With Mahmoud Dahoud being aggressively pursued, it’s clear that our centre midfield options are being reviewed, despite the number of players we have there. For all our options, who can really put their foot on the ball, control the tempo of a game and spray passes around? More control is needed in the middle of the pitch to go with our aggression and pressing. You have the feeling Jurgen would have loved to have taken Gundogan to Anfield, but just couldn’t compete with the riches of City. Lucas and Allen must be looking over their shoulders with this one, although the Welsh Xavi is bound to be pre-occupied with other things just now.

Which leads us nicely onto the surprise round. The ITK’s have had their say and the names are well known throughout social media. Every year though, there’s a name thrown from left field – Marco Reus aside. We could have more to spend than we first thought too as Palace seem seem to replenish our coffers with a Benteke sale. Add the rumoured £30 million to the reported Sinclair £4 and Skrtel £5 million and we’ve recouped the majority of our outlay. If Joe Allen does go, which now seems a shame then a further £10 million gets added.

There’s always a surprise though and with a top manager in charge, many seem to be hoping for that one signing to ignite their summer. To be honest, if we got Hector and Dahoud, I think that would be superb business myself and addressed our key problem areas. Brendan Rodgers sprung the odd surprise to be fair, although we’ve more faith any Klopp one wouldn’t be of the Balotelli variety.

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