Alex Rogers discusses Simon Mignolet’s future at Liverpool with new signing, Loris Karius and upcoming youngster, Danny Ward raising question marks over the Belgian’s future.

Liverpool have a new goalkeeper, you may have heard, and the news is that he is pretty good. This man, of course, is Loris Karius. The German hasn’t played a single minute of football for us but it seems that he will be the new first choice goalkeeper. But where does this leave Simon Mignolet?

The 25th of June marked Simon Mignolet’s third year on Merseyside and those three years have been, well, turbulent to say the least.

Mignolet is a strange player, sometimes pulling off gravity defying saves and sometimes looking like his hands are made of Weetabix covered in butter. Sometimes he seems to be a player worthy of the Liverpool crest and sometimes I could kick him in the chin out of frustration.

I remember on his debut for us against Stoke he saved a penalty and I could not have been more amazed, I was very impressed with that new signing. May I remind you that Mignolet had built himself quite the reputation at Sunderland and it seemed that getting him for £9 million was a great piece of business.

Three years on and many a Liverpool fan want him sold. Karius seems almost certain to take over as starting keeper next season so if Mignolet isn’t to be sold, it would seem logical that he would be second choice, right? Well that’s not even certain for poor Simon due to one reason. Danny Ward.

Now Danny Ward is a good player. When he was on loan to Aberdeen, he proved to be one of, if not the best goalkeeper in Scotland. Yes I know what you’re thinking, “But that’s the Scottish league! My nan could be the best goalkeeper in Scotland!”

Firstly, no she couldn’t. And secondly, Aberdeen laid a major assault on the league, threatening the mighty Celtic who had won the league four years in a row, largely thanks to Danny Wards 13 clean sheets in 21 appearances for them. Due to his impressive performances, Ward got recalled in January causing dismay to many an Aberdeen fan.

Ward even made a few appearances for Liverpool after getting recalled and mostly impressed. Yes it seems that Ward could definitely improve a lot. With Klopp stating in the past that he doesn’t like to loan out his most promising young players, it’s not far fetched to think Ward could be second choice next season.

With two younger, promising goalkeepers in the senior squad it doesn’t look unlikely that Mignolet may want to move club if he wants first team football. Sitting on the bench, or potentially, being in the dreaded reserves doesn’t seem to appeal to a goalkeeper used to being first choice like Mignolet.

Mignolet’s future is certainly up in the air. And to be honest, I feel sorry for the guy. Yes I know many of you reading this may hate him and can’t wait to see the back of him, but credit to Mignolet, he has always given 100%. Sometimes that 100% is still awful but still, my point is that he tries his best. At least he’s not Bogdan though, am I right?

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