Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has been spotted visiting former club Mainz this afternoon.

With an international break in progress, Klopp looks to have found himself with a couple of days off this weekend.

Posting on Twitter this afternoon, Mainz’s English language Twitter account shared a snap of Jurgen smiling in-front of vintage β€˜Klopp 4’ shirt.

β€œHe’s here and he’s perfect,” reads the caption. β€œWhat a pleasure to have Jurgen back with us for the day.”

As per Heidelberg 24, Klopp was visiting Mainz for a specially arranged friendly against MSV Duisburg today. With the South Stand at their former Bruchwegstadion stadium set to be demolished, the Liverpool manager was a guest of honour, and even spoke on stage in-front of fans.

Jurgen spends time in Mainz

At times it’s hard to remember that Klopp has a history and a relationship with clubs other than Liverpool.

But long before The Kop fell in love with him, Jurgen was a son of both Mainz and Borussia Dortmund.

And despite his success and fame with Dortmund and Liverpool, it is Mainz where Klopp probably has the biggest emotional connection.

Jurgen Klopp
Photo by Bongarts/Getty Images

The 56-year-old not only managed them to a long-awaited promotion from the Bundesliga, he was also a player there for 11 years. They were the only professional side Klopp ever played with.

Having then spent seven years as manager, the Reds boss is as legendary a figure as it’s possible to be at Mainz.

Having since scaled bigger heights, it’s brilliant to see Jurgen keeping in touch with his roots in an emotional moment for the club today.

It’s also a reminder that, one day, the German will be a β€˜former’ manager of Liverpool, too. These things don’t last forever, but the connection that Klopp has built at Anfield – just like at Mainz – will live on forever. However the next years go and whenever he does depart, Jurgen will always be welcome back at Liverpool.

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