The likes of Melissa Reddy have vociferously denied all links to Lille star Nicolas Pepe as France’s most trusted sources claim that the 24-year-old is a top target for Jurgen Klopp.

While she doesn’t mention him by name, Reddy refers to an interview that France’s number one football journalist Mohamed Bouhafsi gave to GFFN which laid out the facts in the Pepe transfer saga.

He said that the race to sign the Ivorian is an “€80m (£70.9m) situation” and denied claims from L’Equipe that suggested Inter Milan had made a €90m (£80.6m) offer to Lille.

Nicolas Pepe.


Bouhafsi goes onto say that “concrete discussions” have taken place between Liverpool and Lille. Of course, Reddy denies this and says that the club has denied these claims, insinuating it’s merely an attempt from the Ligue 1 outfit to drum up interest and spark a bidding war.

While that is perfectly possible the adage that says “where there is smoke, there is also fire” feels applicable as there have been far too many reports from reliable sources like Bouhafsi for there to be zero interest from Liverpool as Reddy and other domestic sources suggest.


Signing Pepe for around £70m would be a risky move from Klopp as he has no experience of the Premier League football but given the Reds’ need to sign another high quality, high octane forward, it’s a necessary risk.

In Bouhafsi’s interview with GFFN, he said that Liverpool had not denied interest in Pepe and then a couple hours later, several sources close to the club came out in full force to deny the story.

Nicolas Pepe.

Photo by Johnny Fidelin/Icon Sport via Getty Images

It might be that Michael Edwards and co. genuinely have not made any moves to sign Pepe for Klopp but it’s just as likely that they briefed domestic outlets that there is no interest as a way to protect their negotiations with Lille from becoming overly publicised in the way the Nabil Fekir saga was.

What’s more, Reddy and the Liverpool Echo claim that Edwards personally called Lille manager Christophe Galtier at the start of the month to inform him that the Reds have no interest in Pepe which seems a bit odd.

It really is a case of supporters and interested onlookers needing to wait to find out what will happen in this transfer saga because at the moment, there is too much being said on the matter to make perfect sense of it.

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