Jürgen Klopp has spoken out on Dejan Lovren’s injury that he allegedly withheld from the club to avoid being replaced in the summer transfer window.

It emerged before Liverpool’s 4-0 win over West Ham that Lovren had damaged muscles in his stomach by playing through pain to help Croatia to the World Cup final and is now unable to train as a result.

Lovren revealed: “I cannot train at all because of stomach muscle issues. I am suffering a lot of pain and will see a specialist doctor in the Netherlands.

“Of course, they [Liverpool] are not happy. I haven’t trained since I returned from holiday. I can’t.”

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While Joe Gomez looked fantastic if not a little bit unaware at times against the Hammers, Lovren’s injury is not good news as far as depth at the back is concerned for Klopp and it’s clear that the German is not happy about the situation.


He said after the 4-0 win at Anfield: “He is not fit. Let me say it like this, last year he already had a few problems with that but he could obviously play – and played really good.

“Recovery days were always enough then it was not a problem and he was in the next session again. We did not train a lot at the end of the season, of course, because we were more or less constantly playing, but he played constantly.

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“Now in the World Cup, [playing] three times [for] 120 minutes it got a bit worse, but I am pretty sure it will settle in the next one, two or three weeks. In that time he can probably for sure train already, but not the full programme, so that will then take time.

“In the end, it is serious but not that serious, so it’s not that we need to be afraid that it will take him until whenever. In the moment he is not available, that’s true.”

Suggestions that the defender was guilty of not reporting the extent of his injury to the club as he is required to are unfounded. Until a reliable source suggests that the defender did in fact hide the injury, I will continue to back him fully and hope he returns as soon as possible.

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