Jose Enrique has revealed that in the last month, he has been diagnosed with a rare brain tumor and undergone surgery to have the growth removed.

Every now and then, something happens in the world of football that really puts things like silly transfer rumours into perspective and today, Jose Enrique’s revelation on Instagram that he was diagnosed with a tumor did just that.

Year round, I report on the latest Liverpool news, some of which is quite irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

Enrique’s shocking revelation has been met by massive outpourings of support on social media, with fans from all fanbases wishing the former Liverpool man a speedy recovery. An article from Marca makes it clear that the Spaniard will make a full return to health if all goes well.

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Enrique spoke to Marca about the discovery of the tumor, revealing he was experiencing migraine-like bursts of pain in his head and even lost his vision.

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The left-back said: “We were meeting with Chris Hughton, coach of Brighton that I had during my time at Newcastle, and that night I was beginning to get annoyed. I arrived at the hotel and thought they were migraines.

“During the night I had a brutal headache. the next morning I started to see blurry, then I started to see double. I had my eyes open and I saw double.

“I had to go to the emergency room and after nine hours there I had a CT scan. I saw neurologists. The test indicated that I had a vein [with a tumor attached to it] and was sent to St. George’s Hospital in London immediately, specialized in Neurology, I spend two nights there.”

Enrique had his surgery at the Hospital La Fe in Valencia.

Speaking about the operation he said: “It was a complex surgery. Dr. Simal and his team operated on me last week. I went into the operating room at 9 in the morning and I left at 6 in the afternoon. The tumor was stuck to the artery and it was a complicated intervention.

“They did an exceptional job. I was in the ICU for 24 hours and I am very grateful to the work of Dr. Simal and his medical team. They were the worst days of my life I stayed in bed for five days without moving. ”

Due to the fantastic work done by Dr. Simal and his assistants, Enrique is expected to make a full recovery despite fears he might lose his vision permanently. As it is, he still has months of recuperation ahead of him.

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Enrique says he has about 35 sessions of radiotherapy ahead of him which amounts to over a month and a half. All in all, the former Newcastle United fullback is immensely grateful to have come out on the other side and thanks his family for their support.

He said: “I want to thank my girlfriend, my parents and my brothers, as well as Dr. Simal, his team and La Fe hospital.”

Everyone at Rousing the Kop is praying that Enrique makes a full and complete return to health. We also encourage you all to reach out on social media as our support will be priceless in this tough time for him.

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