Michael Mongie explains how Fabinho’s surprising arrival at Liverpool signals an improvement on last summer’s transfer fiascos involving Naby Keïta and Virgil van Dijk.

Two days after the heartbreak of losing the Champions League final to Real Madrid in Kiev and Liverpool have already started their preparations for the 2018/19 season in the best possible fashion.

On Monday evening, Fabinho officially joined the club in an unprecedented move. The deal was announced on Liverpool’s social platforms just over an hour after rumours in France began.

Signing for around £40 million, the Brazilian comes in to replace the departing Emre Can in a position that has been a problem since Javier Mascherano left to join Barcelona in 2010.

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Upon joining the Reds, Fabinho said: “The infrastructure at the club is very good. This was one of the reasons why I chose Liverpool.”

The Brazilian chose the Reds over a host of top European clubs, signalling the Anfield outfit has returned to the top table in terms of shopping for talent.

Nabil Fekir is rumoured to be the next signing that Jürgen Klopp will make and the Lyon playmaker will round off what will be a highly talented midfield, featuring Fabinho and the arriving Naby Keïta.

When all is said and done, Liverpool will have a new midfield trio worth around £150m and it will be one that is more than capable of taking the Premier League by storm.

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The way that Liverpool went about pursuing Fabinho was very “old-school” in that there wasn’t even a hint of media speculation about the move until an hour and a half before the deal was completed.


After the drama of the 2017 summer transfer, Klopp and co. have learned their lessons and ensured they carried out all negotiations and social media preparation without the leaks that saw Liverpool reported to the Premier League for tapping up a year ago.

Virgil van Dijk has been incredible this season for the Reds but the fact that he had to wait six months to join meant that things had to change with the way Liverpool carried out recruitment.

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Fabinho’s signing hints at a big change in the way Michael Edwards and co. are going about convincing players to join Liverpool – even if it was Klopp’s personal visit to van Dijk that resulted in Southampton reacting out of anger to report the Merseysiders.

When Liverpool announced on Monday evening, within two hours of rumours in France circulating, that Fabinho had joined on a five-year contract, it took the whole footballing world by surprise.

The fact a move was made so early in the window with little fanfare and buildup means that other interested clubs can no longer poach signings and it really emphasises that Klopp is acting on a plan to guide Liverpool to success.

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The speed with which Jürgen Klopp and Michael Edwards moved to secure Fabinho is encouraging as we delve deeper into the transfer window.

With Nabil Fekir likely to be the next player that signs for the club and Alisson the top target in the goalkeeping department, supporters are feeling more and more excited about the 2018/19 season even though it’s still over two months away.

One thing is certain, though: Liverpool are not messing about and Klopp is on course to achieve big things with this young and talented squad.

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