For the first time, FA chiefs have publicly confirmed that Premier League clubs will be offered a mid-season reprieve with a winter break finally coming to England.

With Germany the best example of how a winter break can prove so effective, the Premier League will be providing clubs with the opportunity to take a short break mid-season to replenish their energy and avoid fatigue.

As we’ve seen over the years, clubs with smaller squads or more commitments due to cup participation have really struggled to end the league season on a high as players’ bodies take the toll of a long season without reprieve.

As Martyn Ziegler now reports for the Times, FA Chiefs have, for the first time, announced that a winter break will be coming to the Premier League as early as the 2019/20 season.

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Martin Glenn, the FA chief executive, said that the break will provide “a much-needed” rest for clubs, as well as an improvement for the England national team.

During a speech to FA council members published on the governing body’s website, Glenn said: “We’re working closer and more collaboratively with the professional game than at any time in recent years.

“Very soon this will pay dividends with the creation of a mid-season break, which is a much-needed improvement for our clubs and England teams.”

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While Glenn did not confirm when this break would be instated or how long it would be, the Times revealed in April that it would start in the 2019/20 season, beginning in January and ending in February.

Despite this, not all clubs will receive a break for the same length of time as a way to allow TV broadcasters the chance to continue with their year-long schedule.

FA Cup fifth round replays will no longer exist as a way to lighten the burden on clubs and their players.

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The news of a winter break is good for Liverpool and Jürgen Klopp given the high-intensity style of play that the Reds have adopted since the German took over in 2015.

Recovery is massive for Klopp and his players and a week or two in January or February to go to Marbella or elsewhere to train could have an enormous impact for Liverpool as it would allow them the chance to return rested, reinvigorated and could mean a decrease in injuries.

I can tell you now, there won’t be a single Premier League manager complaining about having a break in the middle of the season given the hectic nature of English football and its competitions.

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