The transcript that incriminates Jon Moss and assistant referee Eddie Smart

Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
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A transcript of the conversation between referee Jon Moss and linesman Eddie Smart has revealed that the ref was unsure about awarding a penalty but did so anyway.

Anfield was the setting for a controversial football match on Sunday evening as Jon Moss and assistant referee Eddie Smart combined to upset Liverpudlians everywhere.

The pair awarded two dubious penalties to Spurs and a transcript has emerged that doesn’t paint Moss in a good light.

The referee consulted his linesman when Harry Kane went down under a challenge from Loris Karius and the question up for debate was whether or not the English international was offside.

According to a transcript from Sky Sports, Jon Moss admits to Eddie Smart that he’s not got any idea whether or not Lovren has touched the ball which would have played Harry Kane into an onside position.

Yet despite the referee’s uncertainty and the fact that his linesman had no view on whether or not Lovren touched the ball, he chose to give the penalty. The state of refereeing in England is so poor that it’s now based on guesswork.

I suppose it’s a bit silly me discussing this given that he was onside because Dejan Lovren did touch the ball when he completely f***ed up his clearance but then again, Harry Kane simulated the contact with Loris Karius so we’re back to square one.

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With VAR set to be introduced fully in the Premier League next season, we should see fewer games ruined by poor refereeing decisions.

Although, that being said, VAR still requires the referee to interpret the situation but from a television with the opportunity to replay it over and over to reach the right conclusion.

Liverpool will be looking forward to next week Sunday when they play Southampton away to forget about what was a very disappointing game.

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  1. Referees should only award a penalty if they are sure that an offence has been committed, guess work is not acceptable. Also they are meant to be disinterested, so what was the fist clenching by the linesman all about? The weak FA will ignore it.
    That clown Garth Crooks believes that Moss is the best ref in the country. That says volumes about Crooks but also the state of refereeing in England if Moss is the best. As for VAR it needs to speed up up as if it remains as slow as in the WBA game I doubt if anybody will turn up to watch.


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