Angry Virgil van Dijk speaks out after controversial Spurs game

Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
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After having to settle for a point after very questionable refereeing, Virgil van Dijk reflected on the game and accused Harry Kane of cheating.

As much as you need to call into question the refereeing that was on show at Anfield on Sunday evening, I don’t think mainstream media is talking about Harry Kane diving enough.

For all the praise he deservedly gets for scoring all the goals he does, he and a number of other Spurs players like Dele Alli (who was booked for simulation), have a habit of simulating contact to earn penalties or free-kicks in dangerous areas.

And as he we saw last night when he went down to earn penalty, the English international clearly simulated the (minimal) contact between him and Loris Karius.

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“I think the first penalty was offside and I think it is a dive,” Virgil van Dijk said. “You see him (Kane) diving clearly and no-one is talking about that.

“There is a lot of discussion about whether it is offside, yes or no, but I think it was offside as well. The referee made his decision together with the linesman. It was good for us that it was saved.

“For the second penalty, I see him coming and I try and hold my leg in, he just pulled his body in front of the ball and he goes down.

“The ref said play on and I was very disappointed that the linesman said otherwise. It is a decision the ref already made and the ref is close than the linesman. Unlucky I think.”

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Van Dijk continued: “First of all it was offside and secondly he just put his body in front of me. I don’t think that is a pen and the same with the first one. That is also clearly not a penalty.”

Asked if he thought Kane should face retrospective punishment for diving, Van Dijk added: “That is not something for me.

“I thought it was a dive – that is my opinion and the referee thought it was no offside and no dive and he gave a pen. Good for us that we saved it.”

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As much as van Dijk is gutted to have dropped two points and thinks more attention needs to be paid to the manner in which Spurs won their penalties, the Dutchman wants fans to appreciate the second goal that Mohamed Salah scored.

The Liverpool no. 4 said: “Everybody should talk about Mo’s goal anyway because it was fantastic. Everyone can see how good he is and he showed that today.

“It was a good game for the fans to watch. We are disappointed that we didn’t get the win in the end.”

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