Jamie Carragher’s analysis of the Reds’ attack against sides that defend really deep is a must read.

Swansea Carlos Carvalhal manager pissed off a few Liverpool fans when he came out with what I thought is the best analogy of Jurgen Klopp’s side’s struggle’s with the low block.

The Portuguese coach compared the Reds to a Formula One car stuck in rush hour traffic in London and you really can’t argue with the effect of such a comparison.

“I said to my players that Liverpool are a top team, they are really strong, but they are a Formula 1 car,” Carlos Carvalhal told Sky Sports. “If you put a Formula 1 car in London in 4pm traffic, the Formula 1 car will not run very fast. That is exactly what we had to do to play against Liverpool – stop them playing the way they like.”

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Jamie Carragher, former Liverpool defender, hit the nail on the head when he said that the approach to certain games needs to be different, with the Merseysiders beating Man City one week, then losing to Swansea the next.

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“People always ask how you can beat the best team in the league one week then lose to the bottom team the next week, but they are completely different games,” says Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher. “Manchester City have got far more quality than Swansea, but it’s a different proposition playing a team like them. You’ve got to beat them in a different way.

“Man City is an end-to-end game with both teams going for it, so you have the chance to counter-attack and the chance to press, which are two of Liverpool’s biggest strengths. But as we saw on Monday, those strengths don’t come into play at all against a team like Swansea. It becomes more about breaking them down.”

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With Philippe Coutinho leaving Liverpool earlier this month for a British record of £142m, it’s understandable that the Reds are missing some of the incisiveness that they had from deep earlier this season.

“A lot of people will look at the game and say they missed Coutinho,” says Carragher. “Of course that is a factor because he’s a top player and he was one of the most creative players in the team, but let’s not forget that he started those games with Burnley, Newcastle and West Brom earlier this season and it was a problem last season as well. So it’s not just down to Coutinho.

“I feel that the passing can be a little lethargic when the opposition get players behind the ball. If they moved it quicker, they might be able to exploit spaces when people do get out of position. Adam Lallana should help in that respect. He’s no Coutinho, of course, but he was outstanding in central midfield last season, so he should be able to add a link between midfield and attack.”

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Carragher continued: “In some ways I think they have to forget about the Swansea game and move on. The staff will be well aware of the issues but Jurgen Klopp is the man who will decide how to act on it.

“There have been a few too many draws this season, but Liverpool have only lost three games in the Premier League, so it’s hard to be too critical of them really. They were on a great run before Swansea. Now they just need to take what they can from that game and get back into it.”

Carragher is backing his former club to move on from a disappointing result but the blueprint for success in similar fixtures is not clear and Jurgen Klopp will need to make sure to find a way to beat the Swanseas and the West Broms of the world.

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